OPTIMUM Full Spectrum Extract 1000mg Peppermint

Our Signature Full Spectrum Sublingual Extract!

Potential Benefits:

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Improves sleep
  • Relieves pain
  • Neuroprotectant

Our hemp extract is produced using high-pressure CO2 and pure alcohol meaning the botanical concentrate is free of toxic residual solvents. BodyChek Wellness uses only pesticide-free growing practices ensuring a pure extract of the highest quality. Ingredients Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Oil, Peppermint Extract.

Size: 1 oz (30 ml) 1000 mg

IngredientsGrapeseed Oil, Hemp Oil, Peppermint Extract

Directions: Fill Dropper And Squeeze Oil Under Tongue. Allow Oil To Absorb For 15-30 Seconds, Then Swallow. Adults May Take 1 Full Dropper (Approx. 24 Drops Or .8ml) 2-3 Times Daily.

Disclaimer: these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Mfg: Manufactured for and distributed by:
BodyChek Wellness
107 E. Chestnut Street
West Chester, PA 19380 U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

OPTIMUM Full Spectrum Extract 1000mg Peppermint

Best in the Market

Use it for sleep, and body pain from life long sports play and work. Would recommend it to anyone.


i increased from 500mg to 1000mg just to give it a try.....feel better than i already did!!

A miracle!

So, to be honest, I wasn't really sold on the efficacy of CBD. However, my dad absolutely loves it and recommend this full spectrum oil for aches and pains. After trying some of his and noticing a difference, I ordered a bottle for myself. I truly think it helps with stress, and especially for helping me relax to go to sleep. I will absolutely be ordering more in the future!

Best product line I’ve tried by FAR

Quality matters. I feel as if BodyChek understands that and made sure to make sure it shows through their products. I trust the brand and won’t let any other company’s CBD product come anywhere near me. Thanks so much for the quality and care you guys put it in to your products!!

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