What Happens When You Start Using CBD in Your Skincare?

February 05, 2020

What Happens When You Start Using CBD in Your Skincare?

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Managing to steer clear of the years-long stigma associated with it, CBD has taken the world by storm. Having built up its name in medicinal and recreational domains, it has begun making its presence felt in the cosmetics segment. There is an entire spectrum of CBD-infused beauty products available on the market, being brought out by both, the new companies primarily dedicated to CBD products and the already established conventional ones with a growing interest in CBD's potential. Although there is not enough material to substantively conclude the compound's efficacy with regard to skincare, it has been able to capture the consumer's imagination.


Is CBD safe?
Cannabidiol (CBD), derived from the Cannabis plant, is 100% organic. Its quality depends on the variety of the Cannabis plant from which it comes. CBD derived from hemp contains trace amounts (<0.3%) of THC, while marijuana-derived CBD has much higher levels of THC. Unlike THC, which is a psychoactive compound, CBD is non-psychotic, non-toxic, and quite incapable of causing an overdose.
CBD also mimics the naturally occurring cannabinoids in the body. These cannabinoids act on the receptors which are a part of the body's endocannabinoid system, a system regulating several neurotransmitters associated with physiology, pain, sleep, anxiety, and stress. This is to say, CBD is fairly compatible with bodily functions.

CBD in Skincare products:

Cannabis use is no longer limited to flyte pen or hookah. All kinds of cream, serums, lotions, balms, and even perfumes with CBD as an ingredient can be found on the market. The industry is popular for its innovative approaches, bringing the proven anti-aging, anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties of CBD into use. These special products claim to provide relief in specific skin conditions that would otherwise require expensive treatments. As more and more consumers show interest in this growing segment, the industry keeps on recording huge growth year by year.



Aging and CBD:

Free radicals cause a lot of damage to the skin. They oxidize skin cells and accelerate premature aging. Long exposure to pollution and sunlight, or poor nutrition results in triggering a free radical mechanism.

The best way to delay the process, apart from avoiding the triggers, is to incorporate antioxidants into the daily routine. CBD has antioxidant properties, evidently even greater than the common ones like Vitamin C and E. Several anti-aging products infused with CBD are available.


Acne and CBD:

Sebaceous glands in the body produce sebum, an oily substance, which moisturizes the skin and also protects it from direct contact with the outside environment. Excessive secretion of sebum makes the skin oily, houses bacteria, and catches dust and pollution particles -- all contributing to make the skin acne-prone.

CBD reduces sebum secretion, thereby curbing most of the issues related to it. It has antibacterial properties, which inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria on the skin. Its anti-inflammation effect soothes overactive oil glands and skin irritants. It can be an effective treatment for acne. Various ointments, soaps, and body washes laced with CBD are available as a solution to body acne and acne scars. For in-depth education about CBD, One can also surf the net for “CBD Conditions” to find out how CBD treats various conditions effectively.



Chronic skin issues and CBD:

CBD, with its proven properties like anti-inflammation, may be effective in treating several of the painful skin disorders and conditions like Rosacea (causes face swelling and redness), Eczema (characterized by reddish, dry and itchy skin), Psoriasis (causes speedy building up of skin cells, resulting in abnormal skin patches), and cold sores (an infection, causing oozy blisters). Balms containing CBD reduce the redness of the rashes calms down the itch and relieves the pain. Its use as a supplementary remedy along with proper treatment is under study. However, it is essential to ask for a doctor's advice to avoid any unwanted side effects or further aggravation.



Skin glow and CBD:

CBD helps in skin rejuvenation by accelerating the replacement of dead skin cells with new ones. It maintains skin pH level. Several claims suggest that applying CBD oil and cream before sleeping enables it to work within pores, clear impurities, lessen toxicity and improve complexion. By slowing down the aging process, it makes the skin appear youthful and healthy. A good massage using CBD lotion moisturizes and nourishes the skin and prevents it from looking dry and scaly.


How to apply CBD on the skin? 

CBD-infused cream works on the surface to offer protection. But for the skin to remain healthy, it needs nourishment from within. Various innovative products are available to fulfill this need. Overnight exfoliating masks ensure deep penetration of CBD into the epidermis. CBD scrubs clear off the impurities which are a cause of many skin problems. Massaging with CBD-added balm helps in soothing skin inflammation and relieves pain associated with several skin conditions.

Adding CBD oil in bath water ensures uniform and complete body coverage. Facial steaming is another method by mixing CBD oil in warm water; it opens up skin pores while allowing CBD to permeate deep inside the skin.

Cannabis is making huge strides in every segment related to the human lifestyle. With as little research that has gone into the field as of now, there are very few reliable claims made regarding CBD's effectiveness. However, there is no doubt that CBD has the potential to bring about a revolutionary shift in each segment, including skincare, providing accessible and affordable solutions. A vast array of reputed companies with a range of unique and creative products have jumped into the bandwagon. It is important to check the labels of these special products before buying them to ensure good quality. With a little awareness and basic research, CBD can prove to be a boon for the skin.


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