The Health Benefits of CBD on Your Immune System

October 05, 2020

The Health Benefits of CBD on Your Immune System

Our bodies come equipped with natural self-defense against elements that can be bad for our health. We’re talking about our immune system; a complex mechanism in our bodies that is responsible for maintaining our health. Having a capable immune system means that your body is able to take better care of itself. If you’re familiar with health and fitness, you might have heard the term “immune health” before. Immune health is all about following practices that enhance the functioning of our immune system.

We’re going to be taking a look at how Cannabidiol (CBD) has a positive impact on our immune health. CBD is a natural substance that is loaded with health benefits. This substance has recently gained a lot of popularity in various parts of the world. While CBD is becoming a popular natural remedy, not everyone is familiar with this substance. So, before we get into how CBD and our immune system are related, let’s briefly talk about CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is a natural chemical compound that can be found in cannabis. Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for a very long period of time. The plant was given a bad reputation thanks to its psychoactive properties. But now, people are finally beginning to acknowledge that cannabis isn’t as bad as they may have thought.

Cannabis is a treasure trove of beneficial chemical compounds. This plant has over 100 different compounds residing in it. The two that we want to focus on right now are CBD and THC. THC is what gives cannabis its psychoactive properties. CBD, however, is not psychoactive. The process of extracting CBD from cannabis has become popular. This is because it gives us an option to reap the benefits of CBD without having to get high.

There’s a ton of scientific research that sheds light on CBD’s natural pain-relieving properties. CBD is known for being anti-inflammatory; it provides a safer alternative to pain management. This study shows that CBD can be effective in treating pain that cannot be taken care of with regular pain killers. CBD is also great for anxiety management. This natural substance is giving us ways of treating difficult conditions. Ways that don’t leave us dependent on medicines with powerful side effects. With CBD, we can manage difficult conditions without having to compromise our wellness.

New research reveals that CBD is also capable of “enhancing” our immune health. While research on this topic is still progressing, we have compelling evidence to suggest that CBD can be good for our immune health. This study suggests that CBD can help regulate our body’s immune response. This means that CBD has “immune-modulating” properties. In order to understand how CBD is good for our immune health, we need to develop a basic idea of how the immune system works.

What Does The Immune System Do?

The human body is constantly being invaded by foreign bodies. On a daily basis, all kinds of bacteria enter our bodies. And our body’s first line of defense against these foreign elements is our immune system. This system consists of various organs and cells that work together to fight off these foreign invaders. The immune system is also responsible for protecting the body from itself. It constantly identifies faulty and dying cells in our body and takes care of them. It ensures that faulty cells don’t get the chance to multiply.

Put simply, the immune system eliminates threats and is responsible for damage control. But it isn’t a perfect line of defense. One major problem with our immune system is that its threat identification isn’t perfect. There are times when the immune system mistakes the wrong elements as threats and begins exterminating them. This results in the formation of autoimmune diseases. Our body’s own defense mechanism begins attacking us.

What is Autoimmune Disease?

Autoimmune diseases are the result of our immune system malfunctioning. There are many autoimmune diseases out there (diabetes, arthritis, etc.) and all of them are incurable. We don’t know exactly what causes our immune system to malfunction. But we do have evidence that points towards factors such as stress and weak immune health.

Autoimmune diseases can’t be cured, but they can be managed. Until now, we have been depending on regular drugs for this. But now, we have a safer and more effective option available as well: CBD.

CBD & Its Immune Health Benefits

As we mentioned above, CBD has immune-modulating properties. This means that CBD is capable of improving the functioning of weak immune systems. And also, controlling the functioning of faulty immune systems. It does this by introducing a variety of beneficial elements into our bodies. It can be said CBD heals the immune system, bringing check and balance to our body’s immunity.

Here are a few major things that CBD can do for our immune health:

  • CBD is known for being an anti-inflammation agent. It can help reduce our immune system’s inflammation response by taking care of inflamed regions in the body. The immune system causes inflammation in the body to control the spread of toxins. It goes without saying that too much inflammation can have its own side-effects on the body.
  • CBD can also promote cell death and rapid cell growth. This is another job of our immune system that prevents the spread of faulty cells.
  • CBD can help control the production of cytokine and chemokine proteins in our bodies. These proteins are produced by the body to guide our immune system towards infected areas for action.
  • CBD can also help keep a check on the production of T-cells (a type of white blood cell). This limits the immune system’s ability to remember foreign elements in the body).

CBD has the ability to keep our immune system under control. It ensures that the immune system doesn’t become a threat to the body. This makes CBD a superb treatment for autoimmune diseases. It has the ability to keep the immune system under control, making many life-threatening diseases more manageable.

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