Q & A with Todd Herremans

April 28, 2020

Q & A with Todd Herremans

We sat down with our very own Todd Herremans to catch up during the quarantine to get his thoughts on the NFL Draft and life!

1. What have you been up to during the quarantine?
Trying to make it as much of a positive as possible. Taking advantage of the extra time to be with my wife and kids and look for new fun activities that we can all enjoy doing... and also some things not so fun that need to be done as well as housework and yard work now that the weather is breaking.

2. Almost every NFL Fan just got through watching the NFL Draft, did you see any big surprises?
Well, there were a couple of surprises. The draft is too large of a thing for me to really grasp all of it. It really has been turned into a 3-day long festival. My strategy is to focus on a couple of teams and generally, my focus falls on the Eagles since that is where I played and spend most of my time, so, like everyone, I was shocked they grabbed a QB in the second round. But I know that quarterbacks hold a lot of value in this league, especially good ones. And if not for a great backup quarterback, Philly may still be without a SuperBowl.

3. What was fun Draft memory you can share with us?
I just remember being surrounded by family and friends, And since I was drafted on the second day, hungover. It was a special moment that so many people had a hand in and I was just happy to be able to share it. I do remember my new Oline coach Juan Castillo keeping me on the phone for about 30-40 min after I was drafted talking about Pass Protections schemes when all I really wanted to do was celebrate. But that’s why he is a great coach!

4. The current NFL's drug policy includes a ban on THC, do you feel like that is going to change soon?
Well, that’s tough. I think that first, they will stop punitive measures in the near future for testing positive for THC, but don’t know if they will see the healing powers of the whole plant for quite some time.

5. Tell us your favorite BodyChek Wellness product and what it has done for you!

My favorite product is the Enhance capsules. They have a mushroom blend along with the CBD that I find very beneficial as a daily supplement to help me feel like my best self.

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