How CBD can benefit police and first responders!

March 23, 2020

How CBD can benefit police and first responders!

How CBD can benefit police and first responders

For some, CBD is a godsend. With its ability to relieve everything from stress and depression to chronic pain and sleepless nights, there’s nothing else that quite compares. While by no means a miracle, CBD still contains impressive benefits that make it ideal for countless different demographics…including police officers and first responders.

Taking on the role of a police officer or first responder is a serious commitment. It can be dangerous work and lead to significant stress levels. Research shows that the demands of being in law enforcement can put police officers at an increased risk for increased levels of stress, insomnia, high blood pressure, PTSD, depression, and even suicide.

Here’s how CBD could help.

Some jobs are undoubtedly more stressful than others. Being a police officer or first responder are definitely jobs where individuals experience their fair share of stress. The things that stress most of us out on a regular basis are vastly different from the stress police officers and first responders experience.

Think about it. When police officers respond to a call, even for something as simple as shoplifting, they have no idea what they’re getting into. Take the two Dallas, TX police officers who were shot at a routine shoplifting call at Home Depot in 2018. As they attempted to arrest the shoplifter, he shot them both of them and the store’s loss prevention officer. Two were critically wounded, and one of the police officers died.

Environmental stress is also a big part of these jobs. Death of a co-worker or citizen isn’t uncommon and is an unfortunate reality many police officers and first responders experience on a regular basis. Add on occupational stressors such as increased fatigue, negative commentary from the public, working overtime, dealing with court proceedings and arrests, and it’s easy to see why stress affects these individuals the way it does.

While CBD won’t make the demands of these types of positions any less, it can help with the stress they entail. Numerous studies have shown CBD could be a potential treatment for anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, social anxiety disorder, and more.

Lack of sleep has been likened to an epidemic in the US, and police officers and first responders certainly aren’t exempt. Research indicates that 40% of police officers have symptoms of some type of sleep disorder. Insomnia and sleep apnea tend to be the most common.

Think about it.

Many police officers and first responders have irregular sleep schedules. Taking into consideration how much stress affects sleep and vice-versa, there are countless officers and first responders that aren’t getting the sleep they need.

Here’s where CBD might help. It’s known to regulate the sleep/wake cycle, and depending on how much is taken, CBD can promote either wakefulness or sleepiness. In low doses, it’s known to work as a wake-promoting agent. When taken in higher doses CBD shows to contain more of a sedative-like effect.

According to Consumer Reports, about 10% of the people that take CBD do so for better sleep. For police officers and first responders that need to sleep well and be well-rested and alert to perform to the best of their ability, CBD could be the answer. Especially for those that don’t want to take over-the-counter or prescription sleeping pills.

While these options might work for short-term sleep relief, they’re not designed to be used night after a sleepless night. Sleeping pills can also be addictive and come with some serious negative side effects. CBD offers a natural alternative to help police officers and first responders not only get better sleep but relieve the stress that’s likely led to their sleep issues. It sounds like a win-win to us.

According to Police Chief Magazine, police officers are “almost guaranteed to events that can be physically traumatizing.” There’s no doubt that field operations can lead to serious injury, but there are also more common everyday things that can lead to pain that jobs like being a police officer or first responder entail.

Research shows that due to the unpredictability and physical nature of such positions, they are at a higher risk of work-related physical injury. The most common sites of injury amongst police officers are soft tissue sprains, but more serious injuries are also a part of the job.

Lower back pain is extremely common, with 62% of police officers experiencing back pain on a regular basis. Sitting or standing for long periods of time, wearing heavy-duty belts, and even working late nights are all known to contribute to lower back pain amongst police officers.

With its numerous studies and countless anecdotal accounts of the efficacy of CBD to manage both chronic and acute pain, it provides an OTC and opioid-free alternative for officers and first responders for pain relief. Whether taken orally as or used topically to target sore areas, CBD can be a serious help to police officers and first responders looking to naturally relieve the pain they experience on a daily basis.


While not every jurisdiction permits police officers and first responders to use CBD products, there are certainly those who use it with great results. 

Many companies understand how important it is for people in such positions to be able to confidently use CBD products without the risk of THC showing up in a urinalysis. 


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