Game changer for a skeptic!

May 12, 2020

Game changer for a skeptic!

We love seeing reviews like this and this review really is a game-changer!
Game changer for a skeptic

Really like the peach flavor!

I have been using the extract and lotion pretty regularly for about a year now to manage anxiety/stress and for typical workout recovery reasons which has been really helpful.

This was the first time I bought a higher dosage (1000mg). I am still only using about half a dropper and I’m building my way up to larger dosages and amounts as my body adjusts. I’m very sensitive to anything new in my body and a bit paranoid to try anything outside of my typical routine. When I first took the extract, I think I put a single drop under my tongue and just sat there waiting for something dramatic to happen. Since then, I have become much more comfortable with it, especially when learning about and feeling all the amazing benefits and especially knowing the high-quality natural ingredients of your products. I want everyone to know about products like yours and do their research because nowadays there is a CBD store on every corner and could lead people to buy low-quality products.

I did want to highlight 2 more acute pain examples of how it’s helped me...
1) menstrual cramps — I started experiencing really painful cramps over the past year or so (I’m 28 and never had bad cramps before, so finding the reasons for the change has been a journey!). To the point where the pain has triggered a vasovagal response and has caused me to faint. One thing that has helped is applying your CBD lotion to my lower stomach area about a week prior to menstrual bleeding each month. This isn’t the only thing I have changed to help regulate, but I believe it has made a big impact on the reduction of pain for these symptoms!

2) I pulled the serratus posterior inferior muscle (and possibly other connected muscles like the Lat) a couple of months ago from a workout and was in possibly the worst pain I’ve experienced in a while. The only thing that could calm the spasms was a BodyChekWellness CBD lotion massage!! I’m an adult woman and literally had my mom apply it and massage it into my back for about 5 days straight ha! This allowed for the spasms to calm enough for me to do things like foam roll it, and sleep. Thank you for amazing products!!

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