Can CBD Increase My Immunity? 3 Things To Know...

May 27, 2020

Can CBD Increase My Immunity? 3 Things To Know...

Cannabis holds an important place in ancient traditional healing across various cultures around the globe, and people have been Cannabis flowers and buds for healing purposes. Cannabis also imparts a high feeling and addicting properties, so it gained a reputation as a recreational drug rather than a medicinal herb.


With time and better research opportunities, scientists discovered a component from a cannabis plant that got us all hooked. CBD, a cannabis derivative, is unique in a way that does not give a high feeling. It is also beneficial as it shows multiple therapeutic properties.


It is imperative to understand how CBD works so integratively well with our system. The human body has several cannabinoid receptors, and these receptors collectively form our endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is primarily responsible for managing our central nervous system by maintaining homeostatic functions. So, many activities in our body are mainly governed by our ECS, which happens in the form of signal and response to manage mood fluctuation, memory, anger, appetite, and pain sensation.

 Ingesting external plant-based cannabinoids from CBD oil binds makes it bind with the receptors in the human body.  It modulates the chemical activity and cell function. This modification can hugely affect how we perceive or react normally. So our body responses to homeostatic activities may also vary.

There has been a pressing question whether supplementing your diet with CBD will do anything for our immunity. Researches state that CBD shows some immunomodulating properties, i.e, it brings a change in our immunity, however, using it for enhancing immunity might still be dependent on various conditions, such as.


1.  CBD as Immunosuppressant


Our immune system comprises the chain of cells and organs that consistently work to fight against any depleting foreign particles in our bodies.


The immune reaction that our body produces is often in terms of inflammation to separate the affected area from the rest of the body. Thus, preventing any spread of the toxins. CBD shows anti-inflammatory properties, therefore, it can suppress the natural immune process in our body. It might not be a good sign for a healthy person. Also, CBD can suppress the body’s ability to produce T-cells, so we might not like all immune-modulatory properties of CBD. However, these same properties help the body thrive under different circumstances. Let us find out how.


2.  Role of CBD on Auto-immune cells

In certain health conditions such as auto-immune diseases, the immune system in the body starts counter-acting and starts attacking the healthy cells, tissues, and body parts. Many of auto-immune diseases are challenging to diagnose, and some of them do not have a designated medication. CBD has shown potential benefits in managing and easing symptoms of many auto-immune diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis. CBD not only helps in managing the symptoms of such diseases but can be effective in their treatment as well. FDA has approved CBD in the treatment of side-effects from Chemotherapy in cancer patients and epilepsy medication.

3.  How it Supports the Immune System? 

Every day we find ourselves exposed to multiple germs, viruses, bacteria, and infection, of which the immune system stands guard. If our immune system fails to work, the way it should, we would be popping on medicines endlessly. Products that can help boost your immune system in a way that it functions better and stronger are immunity boosting products. So, keeping that into consideration, CBD can be an amazing immune-boosting product as it can enhance body functions and support mental well being. CBD can alleviate stress and anxiety symptoms by reducing metal excitability. With reduced stress, all the health markers show great improvement and a person will have better heart health.


CBD shows multiple restorative properties. Apart from relieving pain and inflammation, CBD can also help aid sleep. It reduces the chances of dreaming and fosters deep sleep patterns. We know,  sleep is important for a healthy functioning body, it helps in healing and recovery of the muscles allowing the body to release stress. Thus, CBD benefits all immunity supporting body function in our body. 


CBD has plenty of antioxidants that help release toxins from the body. It reduces the chances of catching diseases and infection by removing free- radicals from our bodies. So, there is more than one thing CBD can do for our immunity. It is widely dependent on how and under what conditions we use it.

The bottom line


The popularity of CBD has a lot to do with the range of benefits it has in store for us. Several independent studies confirmed CBD to show a positive outcome in managing several health conditions. Although these studies require a lot of validation, one thing is for sure that CBD is here to stay. 

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