BodyChek Wellness Spotlight: Sean Silveira

January 08, 2020

BodyChek Wellness Spotlight: Sean Silveira

#1 Ranked Wakesurfer on the PWT!

It’s a sunny, summer day in Orlando in 1998 and nine-year-old Sean Silveira just picked out his first skateboard. It’s nothing special, but it’s 4 wheels, a board, and his first love. After years of Walmart boards and a lot of convincing his mother, Sean finally got his first, real skateboard. From then on, Sean spent his days with his friends learning all he could and loving every second of the ride. Sean’s crew acted not only as friends, but as mentors, and older siblings, who still support Sean to this day. After nine years of competitions, setbacks, trophies, and injuries, Sean started his transition from the streets he’d become so familiar with to a new challenge: the water.

When Sean was 17, a new flowriding park opened up in his neighborhood, so he went to try it out. His first time out, no one would have guessed that he would become a 5x National Champion and a 6x World Champion — he was terrible.

Sean wasn’t deterred. He had one thing on his mind and it was conquering that wave. Two arduous months of practice later, Sean was standing up on his board. Once he got the hang of the basics, he started landing tricks evolving his riding daily.

Fast forward a few months, and Sean is taking home 1st place in his first ever flowriding competition. After competing in flowriding for a year, Sean won the 2009 National Flowrider Championship which allowed him to compete around the world in the World Flow Championship. In 2010, he won his first World Flow Championship and continued to dominate in all things flowrider. With more championships and close ties to the flowriding industry, Sean is an idol, mentor, and inspiration to the next generation of flowriders and his peers.

In his late 20’s, Sean had felt like he had achieved all of his goals he had set with flowriding, and started setting goals for another water sport: wakesurfing.

With some help from his friends, most notably Sam Langley and Bradley “Tarzan” Stewart. Sam allowed Sean to practice behind his boat when Sean intially moved back to Orlando, Florida to pursue wakesurfing.

Little did Sean know, but an internet search was about to change the course of his glow up and put him in the forefront of the wakesurfing conversation. Sean was looking for a coach and found one, in Bradley “Tarzan” Stewart.

Though the $75 seemed steep at the time, Sean paid it, and has since looked back on it as “the best $75 dollars” he ever spent. Tarzan helped Sean develop his wakesurfing and gave him the consistency he needed to succeed on the Pro Wakesurf Tour. This coaching paid off as Sean landed himself at his first ever Pro Wakesurf Tour in 2017 after taking 1st in his first contest in Texas.

Sean’s goal was to podium, and after 4 months and 4 stops on the PWST, Sean claimed his 3rd place spot on the podium. But, Sean had loftier goals set for himself. 3rd was a step in the right direction but, he wanted to take 1st in 2018.

After four months, three tour stops, and two 1st place podiums, Sean was headed for the last stop of the 2018 Pro Tour. Competing against some of the greatest wakesurfing athletes from around the world, Sean took the PWST crown and claimed 1st place overall. Sean may not be the youngest athlete on the tour or have the most time behind the boat, but he has a true passion for the sport and enjoys every aspect of it from training, to competing, and even mentoring the future generation of wakesurfers.

Sean loves our product and we can't wait to see what the future holds for him!

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