BodyChek Wellness Spotlight: Max Williams

December 20, 2019

BodyChek Wellness Spotlight: Max Williams

 Our BodyChek Wellness Spotlight is on Max Williams and here is a little bit about our latest addition to the BodyChek Team!

"Max Williams started snowboarding when he was 6 years old and has continued to flourish since. When Max was around ten he started to do competitions. Throughout the year's competitions have gotten more intense with bigger jumps, better people, and a lot on the line. Max has always had a lot of fun going because he is surrounded by his good friends. He grew up riding with the snowboard team at Winter Park and it has been one of the best things ever. Everyone on the team is supportive and fun to be around. This coming winter Max will be moving to Breckenridge for better training but he will also be a coach for the Winter Park snowboard team."

Max is very excited to continue to be apart of the team family and still be able to compete. Max will be riding for the Bodycheck Wellness Team, Monster Army, Smith Optic, K2 snowboarding, and the GC Boiz.


Max uses our Enhance Mushroom Infused Blended Capsules for that extra energy and unwinds with our OPTIMUM Full Spectrum Extracts. 


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