Xwerks: CBD Supplements Designed with Fitness in Mind (Review)

February 01, 2019


If you’re a CrossFit enthusiast or into demanding sports like motocross, weightlifting, powerlifting, MMA, and more, Xwerks could become your new favorite go-to for the supplements your body needs for ultimate workout performance and recovery.

Xwerks has kept things simple with their line of products that not only includes a couple CBD options, but five other supplement options as well.

Each of Xwerks’ products are designed for maximizing workouts and aiding in excellent recovery.

While we don’t consider ourselves hardcore fitness junkies, we’ve got a lot of friends that are into some of the more demanding sports like CrossFit.

We do, however, regularly get our fitness on, and have seen how well CBD has benefited our own personal workout routines.

That being said, we couldn’t wait to try Xwerks CBD.

Here’s what we found.

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Xwerks CBD Oil: A Review

When it comes to their CBD, Xwerks offers two, no-frills options: Xwerks CBD Oil and Xwerks CBD Oil Softgels.

Their Xwerks CBD Oil is available in two sizes 600mg, along with 1,000mg.


Their Xwerks CBD Oil Softgels are available in one size (750mg), with each capsule containing 25mg CBD, and contains 30 softgels.

xwerks-cbd-capsulesJust as they have with their product packaging and overall image, Xwerks has kept everything on their website simple and easy to understand. 

Each product description contains easy-to-understand information about their CBD.

Not only does Xwerks briefly explain to their customers what CBD is, but they go on to let them know how CBD might aid those who are into sports like CrossFit might benefit them personally.

CBD is, after all, supported by several top athletes in many different sports. 

Football players, runners, cyclists, snowboarders, MMA fighters, and more are all finding relief with CBD.

Why? Exactly for the benefits Xwerks lists on their website, which include

Just as it has in other sports, CBD has had a powerful impact in the CrossFit scene.


There are several ways CBD can benefit cross-fitters

Think natural pain relief, reduced inflammation, decreased performance anxiety, and overall balance of body and mind. 

If you regularly get your CrossFit on and haven’t yet made CBD part of your regular supplement routine, you might want to check out Xwerks.

As far as taste goes, the Xwerks CBD Oil is comparable to other CBD oils we’ve tried that aren’t flavored. 

It’s got a slightly earthy taste but isn’t at all overpowering. 

The oil itself is smooth on the pallet and after holding it under our tongue for about a minute, we found it effortless to swallow. 

The aftertaste was earthy, but again not overpowering and only lasted for a couple of minutes max.


Xwerks CBD Oil Softgels were somewhat on the smaller size, yet each contains 25mg of CBD. 

We liked that they were smaller, as taking large capsules isn’t something that we particularly enjoy. 

And although capsules do take longer to feel results, the results last longer and tend to be a bit stronger.

Final Thoughts

We liked the simple approach Xwerks has taken to their line of supplements, including the two options of CBD oil they offer.

Despite the simple style they’ve embraced, Xwerks has covered all their bases when it comes to offering quality CBD.

Dedicated to quality, they’ve partnered with organic hemp farmers in Colorado to bring their customers a phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil that has been third-party tested for purity and potency.

Lab results for each batch of oil are also offered under each product, which is something we can truly appreciate in an industry where transparency is everything.

We can see how Xwerks could appeal to cross-fitters and other athletes involved in demanding sports like CrossFit.

Have you tried Xwerks yet for yourself? 

We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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