Why Vaping Tobacco With Cannabis is a Bad Idea

May 02, 2019

As the world moves in leaps and bounds in the direction of vaping and saying goodbye to cigarette smoking in the pursuit of a healthier life – questions have been raised concerning the idea of vaping tobacco instead of smoking it.

For the record, we still think it’s a terrible idea. As soon as vaping took off within the past decade, it was obvious that big tobacco would try to jump aboard to protect their financial interests. Marlboro came out with the IQOS a few years ago, touting it as a fantastic and more healthy way of enjoying tobacco but without combusting it directly into the lungs. The IQOS – a tobacco heating device – works much like a cannabis vaporizer.

The small oven inside heats the tobacco just enough to release the nicotine and some vapor but without reaching the point of combustion. Tobacco combusts at around 600 degrees C . Devices like the IQOS only heat the tobacco inside to about 350 Degree C, meaning there’s no thick, nasty smoke or fire and ash. They claim that this method seriously reduces the levels of harmful chemicals ingested, and while this may be true, we are about to outline why vaping tobacco is still a bad idea.

When you smoke tobacco, you open yourself up to the potential of developing lung and heart disease. Elevated blood pressure, yellow teeth, and a stinky persona are also part and parcel of the process. When you vape tobacco, there’s no tar, smoke, ash or the need for fire.

That said, when you vape tobacco, it still smells, and many smokers trying to quit claim the whispy vapor is unsatisfying and delivers only a meager amount of nicotine. But what about those Europeans who enjoy the flavor and effects of mixing tobacco with cannabis? Could vaping the two together in a vaporizer be the answer to all those prayers? We think not…

For starters, even if you vaporize tobacco instead of smoking it, you still get an array of nasty chemicals in your system that you don’t need. Secondly, almost nobody mixes tobacco with their cannabis inside a vaporizer, and that’s mainly due to the taste and debris left over. If you do add tobacco to your vaporizer, you will be left with that stinky tobacco vibe and will need to clean the heck out of your device a few times daily.

The other fact is that pure cannabis tastes and smells amazing when it’s vaporized, and cannabis connoisseurs use different vaporizers to enjoy the distinct flavor nuances of their favorite cannabis strain. When vaporizing cannabis, you can also set the temperature at your sweet spot; lower for morning and daytime use and higher for nighttime use to extract more cannabinoids from the plant material. Most cannabis users who have moved to vaping wouldn’t even consider adding tobacco to the mix, and that also includes most Europeans.

The other factor at play here is that tobacco and the nicotine inside it is highly addictive, as well as toxic, and that means that you just need to keep coming back for more. Many people have successfully given up smoking tobacco with the help of e-cigarettes which contain less nicotine. A lot of these people will vape their cannabis pure in the appropriate device and then get their nicotine hit from their e-cig.

If you’re thinking about giving up smoking cigarettes and are looking for a way to deal with your nicotine addiction, e-cigarettes (while not perfect) are a great option to help you kick the “stinkies.” They are used best in conjunction with a good quality cannabis vaporizer and can be tweaked and tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

Sometimes logic and a bit of common sense are all you need to conclude that tobacco – which contains more than 7,000 nasty chemicals – is bad for you and should be avoided at all costs.

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