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Why People Choose To Smoke Hemp Buds?

December 28, 2018

It’s almost 2019 and CBD products are everywhere, yet a lot of people still choose to smoke hemp buds. Why? The answer is simple: instant relief, “entourage effect” and recreational use.

2018 was in many ways the year when the US discovered the smokable, high-CBD hemp buds, AKA the CBD flowers. The important question is why should you still smoke hemp buds with all of the great alternatives out there? The answer is actually quite simple; in spite of the many great technological advances made to CBD products in the last few years, vaping or smoking hemp flowers still provides more relief for your suffering than many of the more modern CBD alternatives. Whether it’s because of the instant relief it offers, the “entourage effect”, or simply because of the pleasure derived from recreational cannabidiol, high-CBD hemp flowers are here to stay.

Instant Relief

Smoke hemp buds - Cherry. From the recreational CBD Weekly newsletter

Smoke hemp buds – Cherry. From the recreational CBD Weekly newsletter

Anyone who has used CBD before knows that each delivery system works differently and the secret is to find the one that’s best for your own needs. If you need long-lasting effects, you will probably choose to take CBD softgels or CBD oil since they will remain in your body for a long time. However, if you are looking for instant relief, you should try vaping or smoking since it works within a few minutes, sometimes almost instantly.

Vaping hemp is known to provide a lot of medical benefits. In the words of Dr. Leah Zachar, CBD Testers’ scientific adviser:

“Vaping Hemp flowers both for its medical and recreational benefits, is quickly becoming a popular delivery method.  When vaporized cannabidiol is inhaled, it goes directly into the bloodstream and within minutes starts working in the areas of the body – and brain – that need it most.” (Dr. Leah Zachar, CBD Testers)

So, you should choose to vape or smoke hemp buds if you’re look for an instant delivery method, but understand that it will also take less time until the effects fade away when compared to sublingual options, edibles, or softgels.

Entourage Effect

While many CBD companies still use isolates in their CBD products, which provides most of the benefits CBD has to offer, many are turning to full-spectrum CBD products since they are interested in the mechanism known as the “entourage effect”.

The entourage effect (also referred to as the “family effect”) was first proposed by S. Ben-Shabat and by Raphael Mechoulam. They discussed a mechanism by which “compounds present in cannabis which are largely non-psychoactive by themselves modulate the overall psychoactive effects of the plant“. These days, in the medical cannabis industry, we expanded the meaning of that term and we refer to the Entourage effect whenever we discuss the medical abilities of the hemp and cannabis plants, raising the notion that since hundreds of the hemp / cannabis plant compounds have medicinal values, only by taking them together, in the way they were naturally presented in the plant, will you release the full healing potential of the plant.

That’s why full-spectrum CBD products are often more desirable than CBD from isolates products, since “only with full-extract products can you receive the full synergistic impact of multiple compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) working together”.

Looking to smoke hemp buds? Try the best hemp strains: From the Recreational CBD Weekly newsletter

Looking to smoke hemp buds? Try the best hemp strains: From the Recreational CBD Weekly newsletter

Going back to hemp flowers, only by vaping or smoking hemp flowers, can one benefit from the entourage effect, while most other products, including full-plant extracts, are always missing something. That’s the theory and personal experience of someone who reviews CBD products for a living. And it is often true. Just compare smoking cannabis flowers to extracts and you get the picture. The original is still providing a better experience. This leads us to the final reason people choose smoking: Recreational CBD.

Recreational CBD

One of our most popular newsletters is The Recreational CBD Weekly, where every week we discuss new recreational CBD products such as high-CBD hemp flowers, CBD vaping, CBD dabbing, edibles, CBD cooking, etc.

While CBD is mainly for medicinal use, there are many ways to take it and some of them are very enjoyable. Vaping or smoking hemp flowers is one of the best ways to take CBD since it’s actually quite pleasurable, and as we all know, it is very healthy to feel good.

Whether it’s because of the act of smoking itself, the good taste, or the pleasant aroma, smoking hemp flowers feels exactly like smoking cannabis but it doesn’t makes you high, you just feel an overall wellness. People who are used to smoking cannabis will find hemp a great alternative, armed with all the beloved terpenes they’ve grown accustomed to. People who have never tried cannabis will look into hemp, since it is “safer” (they are trying to avoid getting high), fun to use and works great as a relaxation aid by reducing your stress levels. It also takes care of your painful symptoms and offers other benefits CBD is known to provide.

Finding The Best CBD Flowers

Whatever your reason is, once you have made up your mind to try hemp flowers, you should look for quality ones with high CBD levels, bold terpenes profile and great product reviews.

Want CBD Flowers?
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