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Which States Are Set To Legalize Recreational Cannabis Soon?

August 23, 2017

As more and more States across America make provisions for medical cannabis patients, which States are most likely to legalize at the recreational level soon?

It seems like every time you go online, there’s another story of some State in America which is on the brink of legalizing cannabis, either for medical or recreational purposes.

From Colorado to Washington, and from Oregon and further afield, a number of states have already gone the recreational route, but which States are the most likely to follow?

We are taking a look at the five States we think are most likely to pass recreational cannabis in the not too distant future…

1. New York

Even though New York is a very liberal state in some regards, when it comes to cannabis that isn’t necessarily the case. For starters, even the medical cannabis program is limited there as dry material and edibles are limited there. When it comes to recreational, Governor Andrew Cuomo, has his reservation, and isn’t particularly pro-cannabis. Being that New York is very liberal, no doubt, it won’t be long before cannabis’ status changes there.

2. Maryland

Even though a bill to pass recreational cannabis failed earlier this year, there is serious momentum for something to happen soon on the recreational front. Even though Maryland doesn’t even have a proper medical cannabis program yet, it’s on the way, and that will pave the way for recreational legalization in the not too distant future.

3. Missouri

Only last year, Missouri allowed cannabis advocacy groups to collect signatures to attach to a bill that legalize cannabis, medically and recreationally. It’s true that previous attempts like this have failed, but the amount of signatures grows with each new attempt. That bodes well for the people of Missouri, who we think may be seeing a lot of movement in the ever-growing cannabis industry there.

4. Michigan

Michigan is an interesting one, especially if you consider the fact that they very nearly passed a bill for recreational cannabis there last year. The way it works is that according to state law, any ballot initiate that collects a minimum of 252,523 signatures within 180 days would pass such a bill. Being that this year, those groups already have 100,000 signatures, cannabis may well become legal there towards 2018.

5. Vermont

Vermont ever so nearly made history a number of times by almost becoming the first state to legalize recreational cannabis. Sadly, almost just doesn’t cut it, state-wise or federally, and all attempts thus far have been thwarted by vetoes from the Vermont Governor who is anti. That said, the legislature is changing the bill significantly, and as far as odds go, it can’t be long before Vermont goes the way of some other states, and makes cannabis legal recreationally.

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