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What’s The Differences Between THC And CBD?

October 24, 2017

Or perhaps an even better question would be: What are the similarities between THC and CBD? After all, THC gets you very high, while CBD is thought to cure you…

While THC and CBD are the best-known cannabinoids that get the most attention, the cannabis plant is packed with what is thought to be more than a hundred compounds, all of which require a lot more research in order to understand them fully.

Recreational cannabis users are generally on the hunt for high-THC cannabis, as this is what offers the heady high feelings, and is associated with the ‘stoned’ sensation. On the other hand, there are many medical users who want the health benefits of cannabis, but without any impairing high or sensation. And the good news for them is that CBD is just that; all health, no high.

While regular CBD users definitely report feeling better healthwise, most don’t report feelings of being high. There are some CBD products which many people say leave them feeling relaxed and calm, and that is certainly possible. However, as with any medication, holistic or otherwise, there is always the possibility of placebo effect, which is very common, also in the CBD world.

Another thing that CBD helps a lot with is anxiety, with many patients opting for that natural remedy over addictive prescription meds. There are studies which have shown that CBD impacts the nervous system and calms a person down, also reducing the stress response, or at least dulling it.

Another great benefit of CBD is that it is known to work against psychosis, to the point where many people suffering from mental illness claim they can take the edge off their issues simply by taking a high quality CBD product regularly. That’s not to mention the fact that many people report increase energy levels from taking CBD.

If you are interested in weaning off your pharma meds and moving to something more holistic and natural, it’s well worth checking out the numerous health benefits of CBD.

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