What is the difference between ADD & ADHD and how can CBD help?

June 18, 2018

In the United States, over 1 in 10 children are diagnosed with ADHD. These children grow into adults who must forever live with the challenges posed by this disorder.

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a mental disorder of the neurodevelopmental type, characterized by problems paying attention, excessive activity, or difficulty controlling behavior which is not appropriate for a person’s age. People with ADHD have difficulties with focus, attention, and concentration.

This affects everything in one’s life, from the classroom, to the schoolyard, to the workplace, to the home. People with ADHD often jump from one stimulus to the next, focus on the “wrong” tasks, and waste time and energy on seemingly minor issues. People with ADHD get “stuck” in their own head.

The symptoms of ADHD usually show up before a person turns 12, and the result is poor performance at school and bad behavior. However, CBD has been used to treat those with ADHD and has enjoyed some significant success due to its ability to help some patients to focus. CBD increases your anandamide level inside the cell. It increases it to a level that “calms” the restlessness. As a result, you can focus and thereby accomplish whatever your goals are.

ADD is Attention deficit disorder. ADHD is Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
The two are anxiety-related disorders characterized by impulsiveness, hyperactivity, & inability to concentrate & learn. The difference between the two is that people with ADHD are hyperactive, and people with ADD are not. ADHD is usually diagnosed in childhood. The behavioral symptoms are talking constantly, fidgeting, lack of focus, difficulty in reading social cues, & impatience.

According to the DSM-5, the most recent American Psychiatric Manuel, the term that is now used for both is ADHD.

Dealing with ADHD is a lifelong ordeal that can have many detrimental effects for a person’s life and well being. CBD can control the symptoms of ADHD, and without the unwanted side effects of the conventional medications Adderall & Ritalin. As this is a chronic condition, CBD softgels are the preferred delivery system to treat it, starting with 25-mg once a day.

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