Vitagenne: A Natural Approach to Balanced Wellbeing (2020 Review + Coupon!)

September 26, 2019

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Vitagenne is a CBD company born by a group of individuals committed to helping others. 

After seeing the “enormous impact hemp-derived wellness products could have on people’s lives,” Vitagenne set out to create a company using the transformative power of CBD to make a difference. 

Have they succeeded on reaching their goals? After reviewing Vitagenne CBD products, we have to say they’re off to a pretty good start. 

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Who Is Vitagenne?

According to their website, Vitagenne wasn’t born the way most companies are. What makes them different from the countless other companies being created that desire to dominate the CBD market?

For one, they found they were passionate about developing a product that was special. One that had a positive and lasting effect on people’s lives.

Vitagenne Oils

The team at Vitagenne also shared a desire to look within at the human condition with compassion and understanding. 

Vitagenne was created with a desire to move beyond the average CBD company, and instead offer hemp-derived wellness products that would help with the wellness issues faced by so many people in modern society. Stress. Sleep problems. Recovery. The unfortunate side effects of opioid and barbiturate abuse. 

When they saw the difference CBD was making in the lives of others, they realized there was an opportunity in developing a wellness product with a goal of “supporting and empowering people to truly feel well.”

Vitagenne CBD Products

In a market that’s become saturated with almost too many products, Vitagenne has kept things simple. 

Without feeling overwhelmed in the slightest, consumers can easily choose the perfect product to fit their needs. 

Vitagenne carries a tincture, softgels, gel caps to promote sleep, and a CBD cooling cream. Nothing more, nothing less. 

We were fortunate enough to try all four of the products they carry. 

Read on to find a bit more information about each one. 

Pure Wellness Hemp CBD Oil Tincture

(500mg/$49.99), (1500mg/$119.99), (3000 mg/$179.99)

Vitagenne Tincture Oil

Every CBD company carries a CBD oil tincture, and Vitagenne is no different. 

Available in 500mg, 1500mg, and 3000mg options, their CBD oil is made with CBD isolate combined with MCT coconut oil. 

Because it’s made with CBD isolate, it’s a great option for anyone who cannot have any THC in their system for whatever reason. 

As you would expect from any CBD isolate oil, the color was clear. We’ve explained before that the color of a CBD oil is an indication of the amount of processing it’s gone through. 

A quality full or broad-spectrum oil is typically a golden amber. Because CBD isolate has gone through the most processing, essentially isolating CBD from all the other compounds contained in hemp extract, CBD isolate tinctures are typically always clear. 

Vitagenne decided not to flavor their oils so consumers could enjoy them without the aftertaste, as well as mix them into their favorite beverages. 

We can attest that the oil contains zero taste whatsoever! 

Vitagenne’s CBD Tincture is perfect for anyone who doesn’t enjoy the natural taste of hemp, as well as for mixing with coffee, tea, smoothies, cocktails, and more. 

Total Wellness Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Softgels

$74.99 / 25mg CBD per Capsule

Total Wellness Softgels

While Vitagenne CBD oil tincture is made with CBD isolate, their softgels are a different story. 

They’re made with full spectrum hemp extract that not only contains CBD, but all the other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids responsible for the entourage effect

Each softgel contains 25mg CBD and coconut MCT oil. They’re designed for “those on the go,” with their small size a welcomed addition to one’s regular supplement routine. 


Pure Sleep Hemp CBD Capsules

$74.99 / 25mg CBD per Capsule

Pure Sleep CBD

According to Vitagenne, “you shouldn’t have to count sheep to rest easy.” 

This is exactly why they’ve formulated their Pure Sleep CBD capsules with CBD isolate, as well as melatonin and other relaxing herbs including maypop (a member of the passion flower species), valerian (a root known for its sedative-like qualities), and piperine (a bioactive compound found in black pepper known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties). 

Each gel cap contains 25mg CBD, as well as these other proprietary ingredients. 

Because they are made with CBD isolate and contain zero THC, they’re a great choice for anyone, especially those that can’t take, or don’t desire, a product containing trace amounts of THC. 

Pure Relief CBD Cooling Cream

(300mg/$64.99, 750mg/$99.99)

Pure Relief Cream

Most companies understand the value of carrying a CBD topical, which works by directly targeting specific areas of pain and inflammation on the body. 

Like many companies, Vitagenne offers a cooling cream, something many people love using to soothe sore muscles and joints after a workout. 

We’ve personally found that cooling creams can be beneficial after the gym or an intense workout. But CBD topicals aren’t only for athletes. People with chronic pain also enjoy the relief of cooling cream offers.

Vitagenne Pure Relief Cooling Cream is made with a blend of several different ingredients and has a distinct menthol aroma. 

We tried the 300mg option and found the cooling effects begin about 2 minutes after application. 

Rubbed deeply into the chronic pain we experience in our neck and shoulders on a daily basis, we discovered it worked quickly to provide relief that lasted at least a couple hours. 

Vitagenne: A CBD Company Committed to Quality

Vitagenne understands that quality is paramount in this competitive industry. 

Rather than offering a product consumers know little about (which happens more than you might think), Vitagenne offers everything you need to know about their products to ensure you’re receiving the quality CBD you deserve.

US Hemp Authority Certified

The hemp sourced to create Vitagenne CBD products is cultivated using organic growing practices in Kentucky. As part of the US Hemp Authority Certification Program, Vitagenne proudly meets the regulatory standards of the US Hemp Authority

What does this mean for consumers? That they can rest assured, knowing that the product they’re getting is of the highest possible standards in the CBD industry.

US Hemp Authority

Third Party Lab Testing

We honestly believe that any CBD company that doesn’t offer third party lab test results isn’t even one to consider. 

Vitagenne isn’t one of them. Instead they offer easily accessible lab results on every product description page. There’s also the option to scan each of their products to view third party test results. 

Total transparency is key in this industry. Vitagenne understands this and has taken the steps to offer consumers what they need to ensure the product they’re purchasing is safe. 

We also love that they’ve included: “How to Read our Third Party Certificates of Analysis.” This takes the guesswork out of blindly navigating you’re way through third party test results that can be confusing when you don’t know what you’re supposed to be looking for. 

Military and Public Service Assistance Program

As a big “thank you” for the service offered by active and reserve military, veterans, National Guard, retirees, spouses, and eligible dependents, plus police offers, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics, Vitagenne offers a 25% discount to military and public service professionals. 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

Vitagenne has one of the best refund policies we’ve yet to come across. If customers aren’t satisfied with their product, they can return it and receive a full refund of the full purchase price within 30 days after the product was received by the customer. 

Vitagenne says this gives customers “the opportunity to trial any of our products with complete satisfaction before ordering more.” The refund is only available for one product, so if customers order more than one item, a refund will only be applied to one of them.

Vitagenne Collection

Final Thoughts on Vitagenne

At CBD School, we’ve reviewed several CBD companies. Some have become products we use and recommend on a regular basis. Others have been quickly forgotten. Vitagenne is one that’s impressed us with their professional approach and commitment to quality. 

With a beautiful website that’s both inviting and easy-to-navigate, consumers are given all the information they need to make an informed buying decision. The sleek, modern packaging for their products was definitely designed with pride. 

We’re impressed with their blog, which contains awesome wellness tips to meet a variety of different lifestyles. Third-party lab test results are readily available. They offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied. A discount is given to military members and public service professionals. 

Would we recommend Vitagenne to others? Absolutely. It’s also a company we’ll likely continue to come back to again and truly believe they’ll make in an industry where others often fall short. 

use code for 15% OFF: CBDSCHOOL15

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