Using a Coffee Machine for CBD Extraction

August 20, 2018

Typically, scientists have utilized some very complicated methods to extract cannabinoids from oil and whole plant matter.

The standard extraction methods are costly, complex, and very time consuming. Luckily, a team of researchers from the University of Valencia in Spain discovered a new method to successfully extract cannabinoids using a common solvent and a basic espresso machine. Yes, you read that right. Expert scientists are using an off-the-shelf espresso machine for a process as complex as extracting cannabinoids from whole plant matter. The new CBD coffee machine has just been born…

Using CBD Coffee Machine, for cannabis  extraction

Using CBD Coffee Machine, for cannabis extraction

A new study set to be published in the International Journal of Pure and Applied Analytical Chemistry, details the way a hard-cap espresso machine can be used to produce safe and high-quality cannabis extracts. “It has been evidenced that the developed method for the major cannabinoids extraction is a really encouraging example of the wide range of possibilities that a conventional and low-cost hard cap espresso assisted extraction could offer in analytical laboratories.” — Excerpt from the study “Fast extraction of cannabinoids in marijuana samples by using hard-cap espresso machines”. It appears that using the “CBD coffee machine” extraction method could perhaps replace the traditional extraction ones, at least partly.

When compared to more traditional extraction methods, the new CBD coffee machine produced products of equal quality yet was much faster and very inexpensive. The easy-to-create nature of this method means that cannabinoid research can be more easily achieved. Most medical experts are becoming aware of the various benefits of using THC and CBD, but now they’re also interesting in exploring potential uses for CBN – or cannabinol – which is basically aged THC. Other cannabinoids of interest are THCV, THCA, and delta-8-THC, all of which are closely related to THC.

Could it be that in the not-so-far future you also, will extract your own CBD by using a multi-purpose espresso machine? Your very own CBD coffee machine…

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