The Many Ways A New Mattress Can Improve Your Health

September 10, 2020

Sleep is an important part of your whole body health, allowing you much-needed restoration time for your mind and body. Ensuring you get a night of quality sleep isn't always easy, but there are some strategies you can try to improve your evening rest. You're probably already familiar with the idea of changing your diet to reduce evening caffeine and highly processed junk food. Maybe you've tried a relaxing warm bath and some calming essential oils. You may have experimented with reducing screentime and blue light too.

One highly overlooked strategy to improve your sleep quality is so simple you'll wish you had thought of it before. Adding a new mattress to your bed may be the sleep solution you've been looking for, and here are some of the reasons why.

Aches and Pains can be Minimized with Support

It's time to ditch that achy breaky boxspring. A firm or lumpy mattress set can be the cause of your interrupted night's sleep. Fredrick Wilson D.O., director of the Cleveland Clinic Solon Center for Spine Health, explains more, noting, “You want to keep your head even with your trunk.” On a lumpy mattress, your head, neck, or back may tilt the wrong way, leading to poor sleep and discomfort during the day. Springs that poke out from an older mattress may be uncomfortable on their own, even creating a sharp or cutting effect. Adds David Rapoport M.D. “When you sag, your spine gets bent, and that can lead to discomfort.”

A very firm mattress may not be a better choice however, as your body still needs to bend with its natural curves. A mattress that's too firm will not allow for a natural body position during the night, leading again to poor sleep and daily aches and fatigue. In general, newer mattresses will have some options for firmer or lighter steady support between these two extremes. 

Breathe Free with Nightly Allergy Relief

When's the last time you washed your mattress? Exactly. Mattresses can be homes for all sorts of allergens from mites to pollen to dirt and more. You may feel like your symptoms are seasonal or from a mild cold. In more severe allergy sufferers mattress allergens may lead to insomnia. In more minor cases, allergens may be the cause of nightly snoring -- a habit that can wake both the sleeper and their partner. 

Fortunately, new mattresses include a long line of hypoallergenic mattresses to choose from. Say goodbye to dog dander and that sweaty gym sock smell with a choice in breathable wool or cotton that helps resist common allergen particles and wicks away moisture. 

Bask in the Cool Side of the Pillow -- and Mattress

During sleep, some of us run hotter or colder than others. For those who tend to run warm there's nothing like that cool side of the pillow to add some extra comfort. The wrong bedding, including the wrong mattress though, can increase the sticky sweatiness that many people feel at night. Memory foam mattresses have a reputation for heating people up at night, with over 15% of sleepers reporting their cushy foam to have a warming effect.

For those who run hot, an extra cushy mattress like memory foam may better be swapped out with a firmer choice. The sinking sensation caused by the foam acts a bit like an extra blanket, hugging the sleeper despite the bedroom temperature. A firmer mattress can leave extra room for air and a cool breeze to make sleeping more comfortable. 

And remember, there's more than one thickness of the foam, so you may find some great options in the middle too. A new mattress is a fantastic way to take charge of your sleep quality. Explore the many different options by visiting a showroom in your area such as your local Sleepworld.

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