The best of CBD set for Barcelona recognition

July 13, 2019

The most innovative and successful exponents of CBD descend on Barcelona next week, between the 17th and 19th of July for the inaugural World CBD Awards.

The diversity of awards being presented over the course of the event are a great indicator of the scale of products, services, treatments, growing techniques and personalities involved in what is arguably the world’s most exciting, and certainly newest, industry.


Among the nominees are brand names that are growing in recognition as the industry itself captures the minds and hearts of the public: These include Abacus Health, CBD Performance, Flora Fusion, Reakiro and Warfighter Hemp.

Diversity of companies indicates industry health

A random perusal of the shortlisted nominees offers a flavour of the companies involved all of which are aiming to be industry leaders:
Abacus Health was the first company to secure Food and Drug Administration registration for a family of products blended with CBD hemp extract – what they refer to as the ‘world’s fastest and most effective pain relief.’ It is a leader in medical over the counter drug tech.

Flora Fusion is one of the biggest producers of CBD oil in the UK, and are known for their quality, organic products informed by the highest ethical and sustainability standards.


Reakiro are strong in the hemp marketplace on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and dedicated to supplying superior quality hemp-based products worldwide. The company has a strong belief in the natural, healthy and sustainable qualities hemp embodies, qualities more needed than ever on the planet. Their chief line is green insulation technology involving hemp and lime and the company also participates in the extraction space through its subsidiary, Essential Earth.

To get a further sense of the sheer scale of companies and attendees at the event, take note of the award categories being judged. These include Best CBD Flower, Best Tincture, best Clinically Proven Brand, Best Pet Rangel, Best Vape, Most Loved CBD Brand, Industry Recognition Award, Best Edible Product and the list goes on.

CBD drops


For those participants and delegates attending it promises to be an informative affair, not least due to its networking potential. The Extract is proud to be a media partner for this prestigious event and will cover it extensively next week. A high-octane programme, chiefly sponsored by Relyf, will feature not just the awards but some of the best executive speakers in the CBD marketplace today.

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