Supa Naturals CBD: A “Supa” Natural CBD Experience (Review + Coupon Code!)

February 04, 2020

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Founded in 2019, Supa Naturals is one of the newer CBD brands to hit the market.

The name Supa comes from the husband and wife team who founded the brand, Susan and Paul. The combination of the first two letters of their names not only symbolizes their partnership in life and business, but also a play on the word “super,” which they believe is extremely fitting for the products they offer. 

Their journey with CBD started in 2013 when Susan found herself struggling with a host of health problems that was ultimately diagnosed as Lyme disease. You can read more about Susan’s story here.

Susan found that using natural products, supplements, and healing methods helped her return to a state of balanced health. Supa Naturals was created to help others create a super life for themselves and help them discover balanced physical and mental wellbeing. 

To learn as much as we could about Supa Naturals, we sat down for a podcast with them on a recent afternoon. Make sure to listen in below! 

Supa Naturals: “Supa” CBD Products Sourced from Organically Grown Hemp

Supa Naturals understands that in order to create the highest quality products, you’ve got to start with the highest quality hemp. Their entire line of full spectrum CBD oil products are created with organic, non-GMO hemp grown sustainably in the US. 

Once hemp is harvested, CBD oil is extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction methods that allow for the purest extract possible without any residual solids. 

All products are packaged in a certified GMP facility, with each batch thoroughly tested by an independent third party laboratory for consistency, quality, potency, and safety. Third party lab test results are available for all their products on their website. Click here to see Supa Naturals verified lab results now. 

supa naturals cbd lab reports

Supa Naturals “Supa” Natural Products

Supa Naturals has created a complete, yet simple line of full spectrum CBD products to meet the varying needs of anyone interested in supplementing with CBD. Following you’ll find everything Supa Naturals has to offer. 

SUPA Naturals Product Line

CBD Oil Tinctures/$46-$134


Supa Naturals offers full spectrum CBD oil tinctures in three different strengths. All tinctures are available in both natural and mint flavors. Tinctures are crafted with wholesome, all-natural ingredients to meet your wellness needs. 

Their CBD oil tinctures are made with simple, all-natural ingredients that include: organic fractionated coconut oil, organic hempseed oil, and full spectrum CBD oil. 

Flavored tinctures get their essence from organic flavoring. 

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg/$46
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg/$74
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2000mg/$134

We tried the 1000mg option in mint flavor. The oil was a gorgeous amber color, a great indication of the quality Supa Naturals offers. The minty flavor was strong but not at all overpowering. Swallowing the tincture after holding sublingually was smooth and the aftertaste was pleasant, as if we’d just brushed our teeth. As far as the effects we felt, it seemed to work as well as many of the other high quality CBD tinctures we’ve tested over the years.

CBD Capsules/$60

Supa Naturals Capsules

Supa Naturals’ CBD Capsules contain 25mg full spectrum CBD per capsule, with 30 softgels per bottle. Capsules are vegan, making them suitable to meet the needs of all individuals, regardless of their dietary needs. 

Ingredients include: fractionated coconut oil and full spectrum CBD extract. 

Vegan capsules are made with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. 

Not only do we appreciate that Supa Naturals softgels are vegan, but we love their small size. We take supplements every day but find that it’s difficult to take pills that are large. Supa Naturals small softgels were so easy to swallow, we can’t see why anyone would have any trouble taking this perfectly measured dose of 25mg CBD.

CBD Gummies/$25

Supa Naturals Gummies

Supa Naturals’ CBD Gummies each contain 10mg full spectrum CBD. Each bottle contains 20 gummies. Like their CBD Capsules, Supa Naturals’ CBD Gummies are vegan, making them a great for anyone who want to enjoy the convenient benefits a CBD gummy offers. 

Ingredients include: glucose, cane sugar, Water, agar agar, pectin (from fruit), citric acid, sodium citrate, natural preservatives, natural colors, natural flavors, coconut oil, carnauba wax. 

We personally love CBD gummies. Honestly, who doesn’t? We typically keep a bottle on hand all the time, as we find them great for taking on the go and love how they help us chill out when we need to most. Supa Naturals CBD Gummies were definitely delish and not too sweet and sugary like some CBD gummies tend to be.

CBD Topicals/$48-$96

Supa Naturals’ has created a line of topicals to suit a variety of needs. Following you’ll find a bit more information about each:

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Massage Oil / 600mg-$60 - 1200mg-$96

Supa Naturals Massage Oil

Supa Naturals’ CBD Massage Oil is available in two different strengths and designed with wonderfully relaxing herbs known for their calming effect. This natural blend of oils is designed with massage in mind to support muscle recovery and comfort. We actually took this massage oil (600mg) to our personal masseuse to use on our last massage and will definitely be incorporating it into our bi-weekly massage appointments.

CBD Cooling Gel / 500mg-$48 - 1000mg-$77

Supa Naturals Cooling Gel

Supa Naturals’ CBD Cooling Gel is THC-free and available in two different strengths. It provides quick cooling comfort for almost instantaneous relief. We found it worked exactly as intended, offering rapid relief to sore calf muscles after a particularly long morning beach run. The menthol in this cooling gel is rather strong, something anyone with sensitivities to menthol should keep in mind.

Full Spectrum CBD Body Butter / 500mg-$51 - 1000mg-$72

Supa Naturals Body Butter

Supa Naturals’ CBD Body Butter is also available in two different strengths. It’s made with a blend of all-natural ingredients and designed to relieve muscular and joint aches and pains. We were expecting an actual body butter that was creamy but found that Supa Naturals CBD Body Butter was more akin to a salve than a thick, creamy body butter. Nonetheless, it did work well to relieve the chronic neck and shoulder pain we feel on a regular basis. 

Final Thoughts on Supa Naturals CBD

We believe Supa Naturals is off to a great start!

While they’ve kept things simple, their line of products covers almost all the CBD bases.

We’ve reviewed several CBD brands and know quality when we come across it. Supa Naturals is not only a brand we’d come back to again, but also one we’d recommend to friends and family.

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