Sugar and Kush CBD Review [+ Coupon Code]

August 07, 2019


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When it comes to making an impact in the ever-expanding CBD market, quality is obviously paramount, but the eye candy is everything.

Sugar & Kush CBD has nailed both, offering a line of products that are as appealing to the eye as they are to anyone looking for a quality CBD oil with zero THC!

With a line of CBD products you’d expect to find at a trendy boutique filled with all things sugar-sweet, Sugar & Kush has broken the CBD mold when it comes to providing premium products you won’t find with any other brand.

What makes Sugar & Kush so much different than the rest?

For one, their dessert-inspired flavors are unlike anything available.

You can see how the packaging from Sugar and Kush CBD products would appeal at swanky Hollywood parties, like the time when Kim Kardashian threw a CBD-theme baby shower.

While totally appealing to all things millennial and Gen Y, Sugar & Kush products are candy cool enough to appeal to anyone interested in a sweet way to take their CBD every day.

Who is Sugar & Kush?

There are countless women dominating the cannabis industry, and Sugar & Kush is a prime example.

Like many people that venture into the big business of CBD, the founders discovered the benefits of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid and knew they wanted to share what they’d discovered on a larger scale.

Inspiration for the company itself came from Laura Brenner, who discovered at the age of 31 that she had Stage 3 ovarian cancer. She dedicated her life to educating herself on natural alternatives to restore her health…and found CBD to be a huge part of her recovery back to wellness.

Want to hear more of the story behind Sugar & Kush CBD? Listen in to the latest CBD School Podcast episode with the founder, Laura Brenner!

As sweet as Sugar & Kush might be, Brenner also knew that recovering from cancer would mean cutting sugar from her life.

Don’t let the brand’s name fool you.

According to Brenner, When you have cancer you should not be consuming sugar. Sometimes you feel like you are missing out. We developed Sugar and Kush CBD products with little to no sugar so you can have your sweets too. I wanted to hit every aspect of everyone’s life. Our products are also great for diabetics and people following the Keto diet. I want to make sure we are including everyone in the world so that all can enjoy it and I don’t want anyone to feel left out. Sugar and Kush is for everyone.”

Danielle Papajan is not only Brenner’s business partner but also her best friend.

When she heard of Brenner’s success with CBD, she began using it herself for her own autoimmune issues, namely hypothyroidism, and Celiac disease.

With her experience of networking and working in the corporate world for years, Papajan is responsible for the continued growth of Sugar & Kush and helping the brand become what it is today.

Sugar and Kush CBD Products

The beauties and brains behind Sugar & Kush know that offering the highest quality CBD products is the only way to go when it comes to bringing the cannabinoids benefits to their customers.

The hemp used to make their products is grown using sustainable cultivation practices under strict USDA regulations. All their pure CBD isolate products are third-party tested for quality, potency, and purity.

Sugar & Kush has their basic CBD bases covered. Currently they carry a variety of CBD tinctures in an array of sugary sweet flavors, as well as CBD gummies.

According to their website (that’s appealing and very well put together), CBD cookies are coming soon. We can’t wait.

CBD Coupons

Sugar & Kush CBD Oil Drops

Sugar & Kush carries CBD tincture in six different flavors that include:

  • Cotton Candy CBD Oil
  • Vanilla CBD Oil
  • Orange Creamsicle CBD Oil
  • Bubble Gum CBD
  • Hazelnut CBD Tincture
  • Unflavored Pure CBD Oil

While we didn’t get the opportunity to try them all, we were super happy with the ones we did.

Sugar and Kush CBD is all about those sweet, dreamy flavors. We tried a few, and promise our palette was pleased.

Just opening the bottle of Orange Creamsicle, we were taken back to being kids on summer break waiting for the ice cream truck to roll through our neighborhood.

The taste was exactly what we hoped for. Pure orange creamsicle goodness. Orange cream soda also comes to mind.

When we opened the bottle of Vanilla, we weren’t hit quite as hard with a strong vanilla scent. 

What this tincture lacked in our own sense of smell, it absolutely made up for in taste. Not overpowering at all, simply a slight vanilla flavor that tasted much like a vanilla milkshake.

The Hazelnut is the final Sugar & Kush flavor we sampled. 

With hazelnut being one of our most favorite flavors ever, we figured we’d save our personal best for last.

We weren’t disappointed. 

We found the scent to be both subtle and strong. 

It tasted delicious and was much more subtle than strong with a lovely aftertaste. We’ll definitely be adding it to our morning cup of coffee.


Each of the tinctures we took sublingually were super smooth. We sampled the 500mg size bottles, which gave us 16mg pure CBD isolate in each dropper.

The only drawback we could even begin to think of with these tinctures is that they’re currently made with artificial flavors. 

As it turns out, however, it’s not a drawback at all. 

The company is currently working on changing all artificial flavors to natural flavors, which should be happening soon! 

Perfect for those who prefer things on the more natural side but still likes to get down with the fun flavors Sugar & Kush has to offer.

Orange Creamsicle CBD Oil Drop Review
500mg ($44.95), 1000mg ($79.95)

Sugar & Kush 500mg CBD Gummies

When it comes to Sugar and Kush CBD Gummy Bears, taste isn’t quite as exotic as their CBD Oil Drops. 

When it comes to CBD gummies, however, they’re on par with some of the better we’ve tried. 

Think Haribo with a special twist of 25mg CBD in each bear.

Gummies are something we love to take on the go. 

If you’ve read any of our other CBD product reviews, you know we love gummies for especially long drives or when we know we’ll be stuck in traffic. 

They’re a great way to take the edge off when we’re creeping along in stop and go, as well as an awesome way to stay focused on long-distance drives.

Needless to say, Sugar & Kush is a gummy we’d recommend to anyone who loves a classic gummy bear taste looking for the added effects of CBD.

According to the ingredients, they’re also made with natural flavors and colors, which is something we really do appreciate.

CBD Gummy Bears

Sugar & Kush: How Sweet it Is

While they’re fairly new to the CBD scene, we think that there’s a solid future for Sugar & Kush.

Aside from their appealing flavors of CBD oil, their brand is definitely on par with all things trendy and inviting.

The Sugar & Kush website is filled with all the information anyone new to CBD might need, as well as some sweet added bonuses.

We love the Sugar and Kush CBD Recipes and seriously can’t wait to get down in the kitchen with all of them. Their blog is also full of some great information for people new to CBD and hemp.

Will we continue to use Sugar & Kush? 100%. We’ll probably even buy a few bottles for our friends.

Have you used Sugar and Kush products? Let us know what you thought of them in the comments below!

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