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May 30, 2019

Ever wish you could have all of your CBD and smoking accessories delivered hassle free and straight to your door? If the answer is yes, then meet is a Swiss company who offer a unique smoking experience that you can enjoy without even having to get up off your couch. This innovative company offers a service whereby, once a month customers receive a box filled with CBD buds, smoking devices, papers, filters, lighters, munchies and much more. It’s convenient, saves you money, and the best part of the experience is that you get to discover the latest products in the industry, chosen just for you by seasoned curators.

CBD delivered straight to your door

The Extract caught up with Marc-André Müller from at this year’s Cannatrade festival. Marc got into the cannabis and CBD industry around 20 years ago, he started off in smoke shops then moved onto growing. He says that his roots stretch back to a time where (legally) it is not like it is today.

Speaking about what led him to the industry Marc said, “I was fed up going into shops… they might close at a certain time and they were expensive. I thought what if I could get everything I need and much more to my home in a box”.

Weedbox at Cannatrade

“With the opportunity, we are having now also in Switzerland, and with CBD weed… it’s a big opportunity to match these two together. We can bring them (customers) new strains at home, that they do not know, ones they might not try otherwise”, explained Marc.

Helping the infirmed, the disabled and the geographically challenged

However it’s not all just about getting their customers the latest CBD flower strains or products, also exists to give access to those who require CBD for possible medical purposes. Or, those with disabilities who may find it hard to require access otherwise. Marc explains that just last week one of the company’s test customers was an elderly lady.

“She loved the box and reported back that it helped her. She could get the product straight to her home. That fits her needs. For her it might be harder to go to suspect shops too. are the difference, for someone who may also have a disability too, it’s really cool they can get it to there home worry-free”, said Marc.

Weed box content

Currently in Switzerland, CBD can legally contain 1% THC. Not only does this make it a good fit for recreational use but it could also lend a helping hand to many of CBD’s possible medical benefits. With many users then experiencing the advantages of the entourage effect, where multiple cannabinoids work together within the endocannabinoid system for maximum benefit. Outside of Switzerland, the maximum legal percentage of THC is under 0.02. Whilst this may somewhat restrict business for they stand optimistic and hope to see some changes in restriction very soon.

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