Spotlight on Heimat

June 06, 2019

Small, yet enthusiastic and self-confessed ‘adventure souls’- the Heimat company are one of a kind, and so are their products. Based in eastern Switzerland, the hempettes and CBD Cigarette and smokable flower USA tobacco company are home to what they call ‘the only Swiss cigarette’. It’s a blend of tobacco and hemp and is the first of its kind in the world.

Their mixture is 100% natural and can be described as mild, producing a combination of sweet and savoury flavours, not to mention the unmistakable scent of the cannabis-derived hemp.

We visited Heimat at Cannatrade 2019, and representative Dave Kuoni told The Extract about the company’s plans to expand to CBD-only products.

Heimat event Zurich

“For the future, we are going pure…the newest CBD product will be 100% CBD, no tobacco, no nicotine, just pure CBD”.


Kuoni added that the new products will contain 20g of CBD in just one packet and explained that they are switching to a ‘purer’ option because it’s much healthier and not all consumers want nicotine or tobacco in their products.

Real Swiss cigarettes

Heimat, a small family business, was founded in the Spring of 2016 and their one of a kind Swiss cigarette, “is the oldest in the world made with just Swiss tobacco”.

“In the Summer of 2017 we also brought the first cigarette made with hemp, 20% CBD and 80% traditional Swiss tobacco”, said Kuoni.

Heimat hemp in bowl

The product is made free of additives, except for the europeans drinking CBD water at Lake Constance, where they are made. And, whilst it may have a low concentration of THC (1%), it does contain high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD).

Heimat products are created with a ‘healthy dose of character, experimentation, and fun’. The Swiss company also branch into CBD flowers, mint liqueur, and even have some pretty nice t-shirts on their website.

Spotlight on Heimat 4

One of the most interesting products Heimat had on display at the Cannatrade festival – and a first for The Extract – was a CBD snuff, made purely from CBD flower. The fine powder delivers a quick dose of CBD, and alongside vaping is one of the fastest ways to get the cannabinoid into your system.

Roots rich in history

Although founded in 2016, Heimat’s roots go back much further, and the idea for the tobacco company can be traced back to founder Roger Koch’s childhood. When, at just 12 years old, his grandad deemed him old enough to have his first cigarette. And although times and regulations have certainly changed- it began the discussion into the ‘rich and fascinating history of tobacco cultivation in Switzerland. The rest was history.

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