Sciatica Sufferer: “CBD Switched My Pain Off Like A Light”

January 04, 2018

A mother-of-three from the UK welled up with tears when she spoke to reporters about how CBD dealt with her Sciatica immediately.

“It’s the best £54 I have ever spent,” said Brenda Davidson from Kirkwall, Orkney, explaining that she first felt the symptoms of Sciatica when she was on vacation in Italy 13 years ago.

Having been on a cocktail of unhelpful prescription meds for over a decade, to treat her Sciatica ,Brenda knew it was time for a different approach.

According to Brenda she is almost totally pain free thanks to CBD Oil, which she takes in drop form daily. “It got to the point that I could no longer walk the dog. I would be in so much pain and just come home crying my eyes out. I have been on different painkillers over the years and they put me through physio but it did not really help,” she said.

Brenda, aged 55, took her first CBD drops just eight weeks ago, and she said she felt the difference immediately. She spoke about who introduced her to CBD, “My hairdresser has done a lot of research into the cannabis oil, and said her mother had seen tremendous results. She was putting three drops under her mother’s tongue and she reacted very positively to it… It is as if the pain has been switched off like a light.”

According to Brenda the NHS in the UK should look into giving patients CBD instead of addictive painkillers, “The NHS should definitely look into providing it on prescription – surely it would work out cheaper for them than giving out all these prescriptions for painkillers. Altogether, it is the best £54 I have ever spent.”

We have asked Dr. Leah Zachar, our medical adviser about the delivery system to treat sciatica. This is her answer:

Diamond's Blue Dream Terps Oil

Diamond’s Blue Dream Terps Oil. Can it help Sciatica patients?

Sciatica is neuropathic pain.  When sciatica “acts up”, it hits like a bolt of lightning and can be incapacitating.  Then there are times, when there is no pain at all.  The best delivery system is CBD Oil.  The onset of action is 20 minutes, and the effects last 6-8 hours. The dose can be tapered up as needed and taken as often as needed.


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