Sabaidee CBD Review: Good Vibes For A Healthier, Happier Life

July 28, 2020

Sabaidee in Thai means “to be well”, “to be happy”, “to feel comfortable”, ”to feel relaxed” or “to feel soothed.”

In Laos, Sabaidee is also used as a generic greeting in the same way that Aloha is used in Hawaii.

Founded in 2017, Sabaidee is a Colorado-based CBD brand with a simple mission that feels like one of the most genuine we’ve come across in quite some time:

To help one million people live a healthier and happier life by providing the highest quality hemp extracts that work…and plant one million trees in the process. 

After learning more about their company and trying their CBD oil, we’re confident their mission will prove to be a success. 

Let’s take a deeper look.

Who Is Sabaidee?

The seed for Sabaidee was planted when its founder discovered the “miraculous benefits of hemp extract and CBD oil” when searching for natural wellness support. 

While it was clear that CBD provided innumerable benefits, something else was also apparent. The CBD industry was saturated with brands that didn’t exactly offer the high quality products they claimed. 

It was then that Sabaidee decided to enter the CBD space themselves with a goal of providing the highest quality CBD products available and giving back to the planet in the process.

Sabaidee CBD: A Commitment to Quality

Like other CBD brands committed to quality, Sabaidee knows that a product consumers can trust starts out with high-quality hemp. 

The hemp used to create Sabaidee’s products is grown sustainably on a registered Colorado hemp farm in Colorado Springs. 

Clones containing 18% CBD and less than 0.3% THC that have evolved over an 8-year breeding period are grown to maturation and then carefully harvested before hemp oil is extracted using proprietary CO2 extraction methods. 

Once extracted, Sabaidee’s phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil goes through a chromatography technique to remove any unwanted elements in the oil. The result? A broad spectrum array of cannabinoids and essential terpenes that support the entourage effect

In their commitment to providing a CBD product consumers can believe in, Sabaidee incorporates on-site chromatography testing and independent third-party batch testing to ensure precise cannabinoid levels and the absence of THC. 

Once the oil has gone through all levels of extraction and purification, it is sent to a third party lab for verification. Lab tests for all of Sabaidee’s products are readily available on their website with lab results provided for consumer download.

Dedicated to Consumer Satisfaction

Like their mission, Sabaidee’s philosophy is simple: 

“The more happiness we deliver, the more success we will experience.”

Honestly, we couldn’t agree more and live by a similar tenant in our own lives. 

They pride themselves on offering free shipping anywhere in the US, with orders most often arriving 3-5 business days after being placed. Rush shipping ($34.95) is also available for those who prefer to receive their products within 1-3 business days. 

Keeping their customers’ happiness in mind, Sabaidee also offers “happiness guarantee.” Unopened products can be returned for a full refund within 30 days. If you try Sabaidee’s products and aren’t satisfied with the results, they can be returned within 30 days, with a charged refund fee that varies between different products. Customers returning products are required to cover the shipping costs. 

Sabaidee also prides themselves on offering world-class customer care. Available “around the clock,” Sabaidee invites consumers to call or email with any questions they might have, and they’ll do their best to get back to you as soon as they can. 

CBD School

A Mission to Protect the Planet

For every product Sabaidee sells, one tree is planted. As self-proclaimed “nature lovers,” the founders of Sabaidee are passionate about giving back to the planet and on a mission to plant one million trees in the process. 

They work with non-profit reforestation partners offering a percentage of each product sold to directly fund the planting of one tree. 

According to their website, most projects are helping in areas damaged by forest fires and floods. Not only are they proudly planting trees but also creating jobs in local communities. 

Honestly, we’ve never seen anything like it with any of the companies we’ve reviewed. 

One product purchased equals one tree planted. 

It makes us want to purchase one of each of the products Sabaidee offers. 

Speaking of products, let’s take a look. 

Sabaidee CBD Products

Unlike some CBD brands that carry every CBD product under the sun, Sabaidee has kept things simple. 

Sabaidee offers four different CBD tincture options and two CBD topicals. 

Sometimes less truly is more. 

Check it out. 

Sabaidee CBD Tinctures

Sabaidee’s CBD tinctures are offered in three strengths, categorized as the following: 


  • Good Vibes: Good Vibes is Sabaidee’s 250mg strength tincture. Each serving contains approximately 8.33mg CBD. 

This broad spectrum formula contains just four simple ingredients: Colorado-grown hemp extract, coconut MCT oil, peppermint oil and stevia leaf extract.  

Sabaidee offers a small discount when you purchase more than one bottle. 

Single Bottle: $48.95

2-Pack: $40.97 each

3-Pack: $38.95 each

6-Pack: $34.95 each

We tried Good Vibes and found it on par with other 250mg CBD tinctures we’ve tried. The only thing we found that was somewhat questionable was that this tincture was clear in color compared to the golden amber hue of Sabaidee’s other tinctures. Not quite sure what’s different about the formulation here but it still seemed to offer the effects we’d expect from a quality oil. 


  • Super Good Vibes: Super Good Vibes is Sabaidee’s 1000mg broad spectrum CBD tincture option. Each serving contains approximately 33.5mg CBD. 

Like their Good Vibes formula, Super Good Vibes contains Colorado-grown hemp extract, coconut MCT oil, peppermint oil and stevia leaf extract.  

Prices are as follows:

Single bottle: $119.95

2-Pack: $109.97 each

3-Pack: $98.31 each

6-Pack: $79.99 each

We found Super Good Vibes to be a medium golden hue with a soft minty taste that was smooth on the palate. Definitely comparable to other quality oils we’ve tried. 


  • Mega Good Vibes: Those looking for an extra strength CBD oil will find it in Mega Good Vibes, Sabaidee’s 2500mg CBD tincture option. Each serving contains approximately 83.3mg CBD.

Again, ingredients are kept simple and include: Colorado-grown hemp extract, coconut MCT oil, peppermint oil and stevia leaf extract. 

The list price of Mega Good Vibes is $249.95, however, this mega-strength CBD oil will only cost you the following: 

Single Bottle: $199.95

2-Pack: $199.95 each

3-Pack: $199.96 each

6-Pack: $174.99 each

So while you’re not getting as much of a discount as you are on their other CBD formulations, the price point for a CBD oil of this strength still offers a bit of a savings compared to other brands that offer something similar. 

Mega Good Vibes had that deep, golden amber hue we expect to find in a high-quality, broad spectrum extract. If we were to personally choose any of Sabaidee’s tinctures, this would likely be it. 


  • Pure Good Vibes: Pure Good Vibes is an unflavored, 1000mg CBD tincture. Each serving contains approximately 33.33mg CBD. 

Made for those who prefer the natural, earthy flavor of CBD oil without any added flavoring (like us), Pure Good Vibes is made with just two ingredients: Colorado-grown hemp extract and coconut MCT oil. That’s it. 

Single Bottle: $119.95

2-Pack: $109.97 each

3-Pack: $98.31 each

6-Pack: $79.99 each

We didn’t try Sabaidee Pure Good Vibes, so can’t give you our honest feedback on what we think. If it’s a reflection of their other tinctures, however, it’s safe to say it’s one you can trust.

Sabaidee CBD Topicals

sabaidee cbd topicals

For those looking for topical relief, Sabaidee offers two different, all-natural options. 

  • Relief Rub: This soothing botanical blend has a “sweet mint” aroma and contains 250mg CBD for those looking for daily support for muscles and joints. Made with natural ingredients without any artificial ingredients whatsoever, Sabaidee’s Relief Rub is perfect for those who prefer an all-natural CBD topical product.

Like their tinctures, Sabaidee offers a slight discount when purchasing more than one. 

One Jar: $49.00

Two Jars: $44.50 each

Three Jars: $39.33 each

Four Jars: $35.83 each


  • Comfort Cream: Sabaidee Comfort Cream is a soothing lotion formula designed to glide on smooth and absorb quickly for natural skin relief. Formulated with 500mg broad spectrum CBD and a blend of botanical ingredients, Sabaidee Comfort Cream contains a slightly sweet minty aroma without the overpowering menthol scent commonly found in other CBD topicals. 


One Tube: $49.00

Two Tubes: $54.00 each

Three Tubes: $49.00 each

Six Tubes: $40.00 each


  • Skin Relief Bundle: Sabaidee’s Skin Relief Bundle contains one (1) jar of each of their topical options with a significant savings. 


One Bundle (2 bottles): $77.00

Two Bundles (4 bottles): $79.00 each

Three Bundles (6 bottles): $74.33 each

Six Bundles (12 bottles): $64.66 each

Final Thoughts About Sabaidee CBD

Sabaidee seems to be one of the most genuine CBD companies we’ve come across in a while. Not only are they committed to offering a high-quality CBD oil (with the lab results to prove it), they’re also committed to the environment. 

Planting one tree for each product sold is something we’ve never seen in the industry before. Needless to say, we’re extremely impressed. 

Would we use Sabaidee again? 


We’d even recommend it to others.

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