Product review – The Leaf Co Honduran CBD Coffee

March 08, 2019

The leafie office runs on coffee. I have no problem admitting that without a strong black coffee made in a ‘proper’ coffee machine first thing in the morning, I am not a functioning human being. Most days are a 3 cup minimum kind of day, and I genuinely enjoy the taste as well as the caffeinated kick.

So when The Leaf Co. got in touch asking if I wanted to review their CBD coffee I jumped at the chance. As we were putting together the finishing touches to the leafie website, coffee intake was at an all-time high.

I’ve had CBD coffee before, so I know that both caffeine and CBD go well together already. I couldn’t wait to give this a try, and had a cup on my desk within minutes of the package arriving.

The Coffee

First things first, let me channel my inner coffee snob, and talk about the coffee its self. Even opening the bag I got a wonderful aroma of freshly ground beans. There is something intensely satisfying about the smell that pours out of a newly opened bag of coffee, and these Honduran arabica beans did not disappoint. The coffee I was sent is medium ground, perfect for my mini version of the pump style coffee machines you get in proper coffee shops, but would be ideal for a cafetiere too.

The coffee brewed well, and generated a very impressive crema as you can see below, just like proper coffee should.

CBD coffee in a cup

Overall the taste was great, the coffee is very smooth, a little lighter than my usual Italian espresso blend, but this is in no way a negative. Anyone who’s tried adding CBD oil to coffee will know that the CBD flavour can overpower even the strongest of coffees, but here The Leaf Co seem to have struck the balance with absolute perfection. The coffee takes centre stage on the palate, with just a subtle, pleasant hint of the earthy taste of CBD in the background.

The Science

I’ve seen a number of ways CBD coffee can be prepared, from simply adding drops of oil to the cup as the drink is poured, to machines that mix in soluble CBD in an automated brewing process. The Leaf Co. have taken a clever, but an entirely logical approach of buying wholesale fairtrade beans and roasting them in a unique blend of cold pressed premium CBD oils. This process infuses the beans with a rich full spectrum of CBD. To ensure quality, each batch of coffee is then independently tested for it’s CBD content by PHYTOVISTA Labs in the UK to ensure the product contains what it promises. Thanks to this process, each bag contains 250mg of full spectrum CBD and around 25 servings, meaning each serving contains a dose of 10mg per cup.

The Verdict

As the CBD market opens up in the UK and Europe there will be a number of gimmicky products that rise and quickly fall, but CBD coffee is far from gimmicky. It’s a pairing that works incredibly well. What The Leaf Co. have created is a premium, fairtrade coffee, infused with an ideal dose of full spectrum CBD.

As a coffee addict, CBD coffee is great for me. I can sometimes get a little jittery on my 3rd or 4th cup of the day, but CBD has a wonderful synergy with caffeine, and takes away that edginess. As I am certain to drink coffee each and every day, a coffee blended with CBD is a perfect way for me to make sure I get a good wellbeing dose daily, foregoing the risk of me forgetting to take oil drops.

If you’re looking for a way to get CBD into your diet without taking drops or caps, if you find coffee can give you the jitters, or you just love the idea of a great tasting, ethically sourced coffee combined with high quality CBD, you’ll love what The Leaf Co. are doing.

About The Leaf Co

The Leaf Co. was founded by like-minded individuals who have been convinced by the powers of CBD through their own life journey.

Their range of CBD coffee comes in both caffeinated and non caffeinated varieties and can be bought as whole beans, medium ground or filter machine ready from their website.


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