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May 29, 2019

I have been drinking tea as long as I can remember. My Nana had me hooked on the stuff from a young age, plying me with cups of steaming hot Typhoo with two sugars, and the promise of biscuits every time I went to visit.

Since my early attachment to the sweet stuff, I’ve ditched the sugar and branched out into a world of wonderful leaves. From green teas to help burn fat, to a soothing herbal blend at the end of a long day pushing emails around, there is a tea for every occasion. Not surprisingly, I was all over the offer to review some CBD infused teas from Equilibrium CBD.

The Teas

My first port of call was to brew up a couple of Ginger & Turmeric teabags at the end of a fairly hectic Tuesday. By chance, ginger tea is an evening staple in my household, so I was looking forward to this particular blend the most. On opening the package, I was very pleasantly surprised to see a premium, biodegradable tea bag similar to some of the posher brands of tea on the market. Not only that but the ginger and turmeric was accompanied by a mixture of complementary dried fruits and spices such as apple and cinnamon. The bags themselves smelt comforting and luxurious before even getting them near hot water. The resulting brew didn’t disappoint either, tasting sweet, spicy and earthy. Even without the CBD content these really are a quality tea.

equilibrium CBD tea product shot

The next morning I was keen to sample another blend, and what could be more fitting on a damp northern morning than a good old fashioned cup of English Breakfast. Again the quality of the tea was instantly evident. The aroma wafting up from the blend of Ceylon and Assam wasn’t something you’d get from a scabby mug of builders, it was reminiscent of a fine tea served in china cups with dainty little sandwiches and cakes at an exorbitant price.

Buoyed by the obvious treat ahead, I decided to forego milk and enjoy this tea straight up, and I’m delighted I did. The blend is tasty with some subtle fruity undertones. There is no bitterness that I’d normally expect from a black cup of breakfast tea, and I was reminded of the pleasant aroma and taste an Earl Grey, but darker and richer.

The Science

Blending CBD with everyday food products can be a tricky business, not just because CBD quality can vary from source to source. Equilibrium ensures me that they use a high quality purified water-soluble extract of CBD, sourced from organic farms in the USA. To ensure quality and consistency, the teas are then tested after infusion, to confirm CBD content as well as the absence of pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents and mycotoxins.

The Verdict

In both of the drinks I sampled, the quality of the ingredients really shines. This isn’t just another product with CBD tacked on as an afterthought, or cheap hemp leaves thrown into an existing blend to make it trendy. The guys at Equilibrium CBD have clearly done some groundwork to get the best possible quality into each and every cup.

You could easily present these drinks at a commercial level to customers and get great feedback, and that’s exactly what the company does, with wholesale/bulk CBD teas and coffees being the biggest growing area of their business. Having sampled the products, I can see why.

It’s great to see yet another company giving some serious thought into the products they are combining with CBD. The taste of CBD is negligible, and with each cup having a dose of between 3.4mg and 4mg of CBD, they are a great way to introduce CBD into a daily routine or supplement an existing regime.

I was equally impressed that the teas were ethically sourced, direct from fair trade suppliers. The CBD industry in the UK really seems to be making great strides when it comes to creating a fairer, more positive industry. Combine this ethic with top quality ingredients and you end up with great products just like these.

About Equilibrium CBD

The range of Equilibrium CBD drinks was created to offer people a choice to consume CBD in an everyday product. Equilibrium CBD start with high quality base ingredients that are then infused with a purified, water-soluble CBD extract, to create an unforgettable final product. You can find the range at

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