Lee Hemp CBD: Colorado-Grown Organic Hemp Products (Review + Coupon!)

March 20, 2020

Lee Hemp is one of the newest CBD companies out of Colorado. This family-run business is proud to offer a product the people can trust at what they refer to as “industry-leading prices.” 

Who exactly is Lee Hemp and what products do they offer? 

Let’s take a deeper look.

Who is Lee Hemp?

Lee Hemp was founded by two brothers with a passion for organic farming with a simple mission that is based on the principles of honesty, integrity, and quality. Lee Hemp says that everything they do revolves around maintaining this mission. 

Based in southern Colorado, Lee Hemp is a vertically integrated company. What exactly does this mean? That from seed to sale, Lee Hemp oversees every aspect of their operation. From organic hemp cultivation, harvesting, and processing to the extraction, processing, and manufacturing of finished products, everything is done by the small, family-run team that is Lee Hemp. 

Lee Hemp is dedicated to integrating their mission into every step of the process. Committed to becoming a trusted name in the hemp industry, this new company is proud to offer high-quality, effective CBD products that truly benefit the health of their customers. 

What’s more, is that they’re dedicated to giving back. A percentage of every Lee Hemp sale is given to charities that support veterans.

Lee Hemp CBD Products

Lee Hemp Products

CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures

Lee Hemp’s flagship CBD oil is full spectrum, whole-plant extract is “mint cream” flavored and available in three different strengths:

  • 500mg/$45
  • 1000mg/$70
  • 200mg/$120 
Lee CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

Ingredients are all organic and include: organic cold pressed walnut oil, full spectrum organic hemp extract, organic sunflower seed oil, organic mint extract, organic vanilla extract. 

We found the mint cream flavor of this CBD oil tincture to be extremely smooth with a taste that true to its name. Of all the different flavors of CBD we’ve tried over the years, this was definitely one of the most unique. 

The color of the oil itself is a light golden. While not the deep golden hue that indicates a superior oil, the light golden color of Lee Hemp tinctures is characteristic in high quality CBD oils.

THC-Free CBD Oil Tinctures

Like many CBD companies, Lee Hemp understands that there are individuals that can benefit from CBD that can’t tolerate even trace amounts of THC. They’ve created a THC-free CBD Oil Tincture with these individuals in mind. 

These tinctures are only available in a 1000mg option ($70) and come in two different flavors: coconut and mint. 

We found both flavors to be pleasing to the palate. The coconut flavor reminded us of being on a tropical vacation, while the mint tasted fresh and minty without being overpowering in the slightest and was more like a Girl Scout Cookie than a fresh mint lozenge. 

The oil itself is clear, which is typically the case with THC-free CBD oil.

Lee Hemp THC Free CBD Oil

Fast Acting CBD Cream

Lee Hemp’s Fast Acting CBD Cream is their topical option, which comes unscented, as well as in lavender/vanilla or peppermint scented options. It is available in two different strengths: 

  • 1000mg/$50
  • 2000mg/$90
Fast Acting CBD Cream

These highly concentrated formulas made from a natural Polynesian butter cream base are designed to work quickly for topical relief where you need it the most. 

How do these creams stand up to their name? 

Honestly, we’re extremely pleased. 

While our typical go-to for fast topical relief is cbdMD, we have to say that Lee Hemp has done an outstanding job of offering a topical CBD cream that works quickly. Rubbed into our chronically sore shoulders, we found it worked almost immediately…and offered sustained relief. 

We had the opportunity to check out both their Lavender/Vanilla and Peppermint scented options. Both attain their aroma from natural essential oils for a smell that is pleasing and not at all overpowering or perfume-y. 

Yes, we would 100% recommend this for a soothing CBD topical option to anyone looking for rapid relief.

CBD Lip Balm


Lee Hemp also offers a CBD lip balm option. Each 0.15oz tube contains 50mg CBD for $9 and is available in two different flavors (coconut and peppermint). 

We tried the coconut flavor and found it to glide on smoothly, with a taste that made us think of a beach holiday. 

We’d definitely use it again.

CBD Tincture for Pets

Lee Hemp is another CBD company that has a special place in their heart for pets, which is why they’ve created a line of CBD Pet Tinctures designed with your furry friends in mind. Their pet tinctures are available in three different strengths that include: 

  • Pet tincture for small dogs and cats 125mg/$25
  • Pet tincture for medium dogs 250mg/$40
  • Pet tincture for large dogs 500mg/$60
Lee Hemp CBD For Pets

The ingredients to create Lee Hemp’s CBD Pet Tincture are simple: wild Alaskan salmon oil and organic full spectrum hemp extract. 

That’s it. 

Having large dogs, we personally appreciate the different milligram options. We gave it to them straight from the dropper and they loved it, but they eat anything. For more finicky pets, consider adding the desired serving size straight to their food.

Lee Hemp’s Commitment to Quality

Lee Hemp is on a mission to become a trusted name in the hemp industry, and we think they’re off to a pretty good start. 

For one, they’re remaining transparent in everything they do, which is vital for CBD companies to do in this rapidly growing industry. 

Their entire operation, from organic hemp cultivation to extraction, processing, and manufacturing is done in-house. 

What’s more, is they offer third-party lab results with a Certificate of Analysis for each and every one of their products. These can be found individually on each product page.  

Final Thoughts On Lee Hemp

We tried every product Lee Hemp has to offer and would recommend their products to anyone interested in quality CBD. 

They’ve also got an awesome return policy, which they refer to as an “Empty Bottle Guarantee.” What this means, is you can try their product for 60 days, and if you’re not satisfied, you can return the empty bottle for a full refund, no questions asked. They’ll also cover the return shipping cost. 

Lee Hemp also offers free shipping to all 50 states. Orders are processed in 1-2 business days and shipped priority. 

Overall, we’re extremely pleased to introduce Lee Hemp to the market. We believe they’re off to an excellent start and look forward to seeing their continued success.

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