How To Choose The Best Desktop Vaporizer

May 07, 2018

Desktop vaporizers come in many shapes, sizes, and prices, and all offer a slightly different vaping experience from each other. So how should you choose the device that is best for you?

There are a number of factors you have to take into account before you splash your cash on any expensive piece of equipment, in this case your new vaporizer. What kind of experience are you looking for? How important is build quality and warranty to you? How much is your budget?

While Desktop Vaporizers differ in some ways, they all do basically the same thing. Namely, extracting the active compounds from your herb, usually by a combination of hot air and inhalation. This is known as ‘convection’ in vaping lingo and is the main delivery method for most Desktop Vaporizers.

We are cutting to the chase here, and instead of giving you too many confusing options we are going to keep it simple and present our “Tier 1 – Gold Standard” picks for Desktop Vaporizers…



Image credit: Volcano

In our opinion the Volcano vaporizer is the gold standard when it comes to desktop convection vaping. The Volcano, made in Germany to the highest standards, is a balloon style vape, which sits atop an industrial base which fills your balloon with vapor from your herbs. The advantage of the Volcano is that the heat source is totally separate from the vapor produced, offering the very best quality, taste and potency. The temperature range on the Volcano runs from 256F to 446F, so it’s possible to achieve thick, dense vapor at higher temps. The Volcano is also highly economical as you can simply enjoy one balloon at a time, and medicate as required later.
Pros: Economical, easy to use, reaches high temps, minimal cleaning required.
Cons: On the pricey side, quite noisy when activated, not at all stealthy.
Bowl Capacity: 0.15g – 0.75g
Temperature Range: 256F – 446F
Price: $599 RRP
Overall Rating: 9/10

VapeXhale EVO

VapeXhale Evo

Image credit: VapeXhale

The VapeXhale is strictly speaking a vaporizer, although it has the appearance of a bong and reaches very high temperatures to boot. The base unit temp is set by a dial, and then a glass fixture, often containing water, is inhaled through to deliver super potent, tasty clouds of vapor. The EVO is set apart from many other Desktop Vaporizers due to the fact it has an all-glass vapor path for superior flavor. While the vapor is potent from the EVO, it remains smooth and comfortable, due to the unique system this vaporizer uses. The temperature range on the EVO is 200F-500F, and that means that concentrates can also be used with ease, as the EVO is an all-round great vaporizer.
Pros: Highly potent and delicious vapor clouds, numerous glass attachment option. 
Cons: More advanced glass attachments are expensive. Quality of build on base is not amazing.
Bowl Capacity: 0.10g – 0.35g
Temperature Range: 200F – 500F
Price: $349.99 RRP (most basic kit)

Overall Rating: 9/10

Get your EVO vaporizer now!



Image credit: Storz & Bickel

The Plenty is made by the same folks who manufacture the Volcano, but the Plenty is unique and offers a great vaping experience too. It uses the same type of bowl as the Volcano but is handheld and needs an electricity source. The vapor is generated by pressing a trigger on the front of the device, and ‘Plenty’ of warm, tasty vapor is produced by this industrial looking contraption, which some say resembles a power tool. The temperature range on this device runs from 266F-394F, although vapor can be very hot at higher temps.
Pros: Amazing quality, potent vapor. Easy to use. Well-built German engineering 
Cons: Cumbersome appearance. Harsh vapor at higher temps. Not suitable for stricly medical patients  
Bowl Capacity: 0.10g – 0.75g
Temperature Range: 266F – 394F
Price: $249 RRP

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

E-Nano By EpicVape


Image credit: Epic Vape

The E-Nano is an awesome little piece of kit that any vaper would be proud to have in his or her vaping arsenal. It is technically a “log vape” due to its shape, and the fact it is made from wood. Made in the USA, the E-Nano is loved by many for its amazing build quality, wide temperature range and economy of use. You can literally put just a pinch of herb in this device, and produce numerous hot tasty clouds. The all-ceramic heating element makes for excellent vapor, both in potency and taste. Even if the design is a little awkward for some novice users.
Pros: Most economical Desktop Vaporizer. Can be used with various water attachments and whips. Cheaper Than most other Desktop Vaporizers.
Cons: Awkward for new users, possibility of combustion. Delicate parts
Bowl Capacity: 0.025g – 0.15g 
Temperature Range: 200F – 500F
Price: $189.99 RRP

Overall Rating: 8/10

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So now that you have the information, are you ready to make the right decision and choose the perfect desktop vaporizer for you? There are many other desktop and portable vaporizer options available, so make sure you keep an eye out for SmartCann’s next in our series of the best vaporizers on the market.

Read more… How to choose your first vaporizer.

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