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Hey, Focus! It’s Easy…Just Take Your CBD

June 12, 2018

Ever take a test and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get your brain to focus on what the question is asking?

How about when you’re at work trying to get an assignment done, but unable to keep your eyes on the screen.

What if something as simple as CBD could help your mind stay where it’s supposed to be?

There are a lot of things in life that can make a person lose their focus. Depression and anxiety are well known for their part in messing with cognitive abilities. Other issues like ADD and ADHD have a strong effect on a person’s ability to simply sit and get through a task. And some people are just bad at it. We’re not all meant to sit in offices all day every day, for some of us it’s simply complying with the necessities of daily life that require more focus than we might naturally have.

Whatever the reason, the ability to focus is important. Those who have a hard time focusing, may find themselves having a harder time taking tests, sitting in class, staying on task at work, or being present with their family and friends.

Since the movie Limitless, the idea of Nootropics has grown tremendously with tons of different supplements being advertised as ways to expand brain capacity and functionality. The idea of an actual Nootropic doesn’t exist in any way similar to the fake NZT featured in Limitless, however, there are compounds that exist in nature that can, indeed, produce some of the same effects, even if in a more human (rather than superhuman) capacity.

The first thing to know about CBD and mental acuity is that it won’t make you a superhero.

The second thing to know is that how CBD effects the brain is still an emerging field in medical research, and therefore not full of hard, fast answers, but rather pieces that will continue to be put together. Some of the more interesting pieces of information to come out about CBD in regards to mental focus are the following:

  • One of the more talked about medical properties of CBD is as an anxiolytic. As anxiety can cause a large blockade against focusing, simply easing anxiety can help many people focus better.
  • Research has shown that many people have abnormally low levels of the body’s naturally produced endocannabinoids, and that this can impact many mental functions from mood to cognition. Supplementing with CBD can even out this inconsistency and allow the mind to function more optimally.
  • When it comes to ADD/ADHD, CBD has shown an easing of the symptoms for those who suffer from it. It should be noted that many people with ADD/ADHD often self-medicate with cannabis. That so many people have found a similar (and preferred) remedy outside of what the pharmaceutical industry provides does say quite a bit about the ability for cannabis – and specifically CBD – to provide relief from the symptoms. ADD/ADHD medications are known to have many unwanted side effects, whereas CBD does not.

How CBD might be used in the future to better improve mental acuity, memory function, and general concentration remains to be seen, but for now there is a building catalog of medical research and anecdotal evidence that supports CBD as a tool for overall better mental focus.

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