Five CBD Review: Redefining Full-Spectrum CBD [25% Discount Code]

November 17, 2020

jen keehn

Written by Jen Keehn

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FiveCBD might be a newer company in a sea of CBD companies, but the founders of this emerging CBD brand have been in the industry for years. Five CBD was launched with a specific mission – To redefine full-spectrum CBD. According to Five CBD products, they’re “setting the new standard for CBD” by offering the highest quality line of brand name CBD you can find.

Five CBD products

According to Five CBD, they pride themselves on being able to maximize the full power of the hemp plant extraction process, by utilizing several extraction methods like distillation, and chromatography.

They claim their end result is a final product that contains more terpenes, more minor hemp compounds, and more overall benefits (entourage effect) from the hemp plant since they contain all the beneficial cannabinoids like CBD and THC for a fully powered CBD experience.

Before taking any CBD or cannabis products like gummies, tinctures, oils or capsules consult your doctor. Whether it is a Five CBD product for reducing pain or easing anxiety, medical advice should be given before the product is taken to see if it is right for you. Now, let’s take a closer look and find out more about Five CBD.

Five CBD: Review

Five is all about full-spectrum CBD. With a belief that the CBD revolution should really be referred to as the hemp revolution, Five has set out to show that there’s much more to a hemp plant than CBD.

The name Five CBD comes from the brand’s promise to use hemp’s fullest potential, as each of their products contains a 5:1 ratio of CBD to minor cannabinoids like THC, CBN, CBC, and other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. This is truly full-spectrum CBD made the way nature intended.

Five CBD products contain all the compounds high-quality hemp contains. This means that everything from their CBD chocolates to gummies are full of significant levels of terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds and cannabinoids.

This is referred to as the “entourage effect” when all the components of the plant work together for the maximum benefit of the user.

It’s a widely held belief in the CBD oil industry that full-spectrum products are somewhat superior to products that only contain isolated pure CBD oil. However, Five CBD products are claimed to offer consumers potency, third-party lab-tested products with all the benefits of a full-spectrum packed tincture, capsule, or gummy.

Are The Claims From Five CBD True?

It could be quite possible that Five CBD claims are true. Full-spectrum CBD products have been suggested to produce the entourage effect, or the idea that multiple components and extracts of the cannabis plant work better together than their isolated counterparts. When they all work together, the user gets all of the benefits.

Keep in mind that cannabis is an extremely complex plant, containing over 500 various compounds. CBD is but one of over 100 different cannabinoids found in the plant. Other significant compounds contained in cannabis include flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids.

different cannabinoids


The Full-spectrum CBD extract type is hemp the way nature and Five CBD intended. If you’ve ever heard the term “whole plant medicine” before, you’re already familiar with full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum products are those that offer all the beautiful benefits hemp contains.

This extract type includes all the minor compounds and cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and trace amounts of THC.

Unlike other companies, Five has done an excellent job at explaining everything you need to know about full-spectrum on their website.

They’ve outlined the entourage effect perfectly, offer information to individuals who might be new to a Five CBD oil product.

Five CBD give a detailed explanation of exactly what full spectrum extract type really means and exactly how the various cannabinoids found in full-spectrum products like gummies, tinctures, capsules, and even CBD chocolates can positively influence the body’s endocannabinoid system and help with such things as pain relief and reducing anxiety.

About Five CBD and Their Commitment to Quality

The hemp plant used to create Five’s full-spectrum line is sourced from some of the best hemp farms in the US. Five prides themselves on setting “the most stringent standards” for their suppliers. Their company uses all-natural ingredients including organic MCT oil.

Their products are free of heavy metals and pesticides. It is what makes hemp products like theirs stand out.

Five CBD products carry the Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certification, a certification given by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to manufacturers that conform to the highest manufacturing standards.

Committed to complete transparency to its customers, Five CBD provides independent third-party lab results on all its products. All of their products have a related Certificate of Analysis (COA) that is easily attainable on their website.

This certificate will provide Five CBD customers with detailed information about the specific product they will purchase.

Five CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Every Five CBD oil product is made with their proprietary full-spectrum hemp extract, with the 5:1 ratio of CBD to minor hemp compounds they’ve confidently built their brand on. This CBD to minor hemp cannabinoids is what they claim sets them apart from most companies.

Five CBD has a full range of CBD products from gummies like daily buzz gummies, to food products like milk chocolate squares (Yes! Milk chocolate squares!). Each one is packed with everything that makes hemp and CBD a special part of their products. With strong potency and the legal amount of THC (0.3%), these products may be the product you’ve been looking for for a fully-powered CBD experience.

Let’s explore the three main areas Five CBD excels in the CBD industry.

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Five CBD Oils and Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures are an industry standard. Five offers three different potency levels and flavor options for their tinctures. According to Five, oils are the product that started the CBD movement that is more powerful than ever because it’s “a CBD spectrum packed with minor cannabinoids like THC and terpenes.”

Five CBD Tinctures combine their powerful hemp extract with organic coconut MCT oil, sunflower oil, and natural extracts for flavor. Flavors include citrus, mint chocolate, and lavender.

Strength options for Five CBD Oil Tinctures include:

-1500mg bottle
-3000mg bottle
-6000mg bottle

When you visit the product page for Five CBD Oil Tinctures, you’ll see that they’ve got THC levels listed next to each milligram strength option. Keep in mind that although their products do contain these trace amounts of THC, they still comply with the 2018 Farm Bill and contain less than 0.3% THC.

We had the opportunity to try the 1500mg option in both citrus and lavender. The color of the oil itself was a gorgeous light amber, which is a direct indication of a quality extract.

With Mint chocolate, citrus, and lavender flavors each one brought a unique taste. The citrus flavor was subtle and contained no hint of earthy, natural hemp taste. The lavender flavor had a distinct lavender taste that wasn’t overpowering but was definitely very florally. It tasted just like we were using an aromatherapy lavender essential oil. Even mint chocolate has a unique stand-alone flavor profile.

We’ve reviewed several different tinctures and found Five to be on par with some of the highest quality CBD tinctures we’ve tried.

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Five CBD Capsules

five capsules

Capsules are an easy and effective way to get a perfectly measured serving size of CBD. Five CBD capsules provide 25mg of CBD per serving. Just like their other products, they’re also packed with other minor cannabinoids and terpenes for a full power CBD experience.

Five CBD Capsules are available in a 30ct jar. Aside from Five’s premium true full-spectrum hemp extract, capsules contain organic coconut-derived MCT oil, glycerin, beeswax, and water. Each gel capsule is made from bovine gelatin.

We’ve discovered people love capsules not only because they’re convenient and offer that perfectly measured dose (which can be difficult to gauge with a tincture), but also because they’re a familiar way to get a regular serving of CBD. Taking a CBD capsule is just like taking a regular food supplement. Five’s CBD Capsules are also tiny, which is great for people like us who don’t particularly enjoy taking huge supplements but want the potency. They recommend taking one capsule a day or taking an additional two capsules a day for extra relief.

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Five CBD Gummies

five brand gummies

If you like CBD gummies, you’re going to love Five’s. Yes, these gummies are really that good. Honestly, they’re some of the best gummies we’ve tried.

Five CBD Gummies are multiflavored and available in two different strength options and three different formulas that come in a 30ct jar:


Five also offers CBD Sleep Gummies that are combined with 3mg melatonin per gummy for those who “need a little extra help sleeping.” Melatonin is a hormone that your body produces to help a person get a better night’s sleep.

Five suggest starting with one gummy in the morning and one gummy in the evening about an hour before bed. For those who might need more relief, Five suggests taking up to three gummies per day.

These gummies are so good, we found it hard to stop at just one. While we know everyone has different tastes, we found the flavor of these gummies amazing without any funky aftertaste.

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What CBD Product Is Right For You? Take Five’s CBD Quiz To Find Out!

Not sure what product might be best for you? Not to worry! Anyone new to full-spectrum CBD or CBD, in general, might want to check out the quiz Five CBD has included on their website. It’s designed to help individuals find the best possible CBD products to fit their personal needs.

Five’s Fair Pricing Standard

Five says that by having products that go directly from the farm to consumers, they’re able to cut out the extra expenses faced by retailers. For the most part, this is great for those with a tight budget, and the other part is that they pass on their savings to you, the consumer.

According to Five, “you are able to get incredibly powerful products that will make your wallet feel good and you even better.”

Five also offers a pretty significant discount of 30% when you subscribe to receive their products monthly. If this is something that you think might work for you, just click on the “Subscribe & Save” option that’s listed on each product page.

Final Thoughts On Five

We come across a lot of CBD brands, some better than others and we tend to get pretty excited when a new brand emerges that holds up to their quality claims as the new standard for a CBD oil product. We’re huge fans of full-spectrum CBD products and are thrilled that Five has taken such a solid approach in offering a full spectrum line of CBD.

Not only are these products quality, but Five’s website is full of all the information like the extraction method and type, the amount of THC, and more. Individuals might need to make an educated decision about purchasing products.

The trace amounts of THC in full-spectrum CBD products won’t get you high, but it’s important to keep in mind that this type of full-spectrum extraction method means it may show up on a urine test. If you’re someone who can’t have any traces of THC in your system for personal, professional, or legal reasons, this is something to consider.

five discount banner

Overall, we personally believe Five has done an excellent job with its products. Their simple line of tinctures, capsules, and gummies covers almost anyone’s needs, products are derived from US-grown hemp and each product has been third-party tested for quality and purity. Lab results are also easily accessible on each product page, as well as other parts of their website.

If you’re looking for a quality full-spectrum CBD product you can trust, we can’t recommend Five enough. We’ll absolutely continue to use Five products and are confident in recommending them to our readers looking for the best full-spectrum CBD products you can find. Perhaps Five CBD will be your new personal favorite. 

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