Feeling stressed? These CBD products could help

November 04, 2020

2020 has been a lot. If your mental health has suffered and you’ve felt stressed or anxious recently, you’re definitely not alone.

According to a survey completed by the Office for National Statistics earlier this year, almost one in five adults (19.2%) were likely to be experiencing some form of depression during the coronavirus pandemic in June 2020 – an increase by almost double from around 1 in 10 (9.7%) before the pandemic (July 2019 to March 2020).

With feeling stressed or anxious the most common way adults experiencing some form of depression felt their wellbeing was being affected (84.9%), we’ve rounded up some CBD-infused stress-relieving products for you this International Stress Awareness Week.

Roll-on relaxation

CBD’s not only known to enhance the performance of the body’s endocannabinoid system, which reduces pain and anxiety, but also improve both the quality and length of a person’s sleep. With sleeping problems also known to create anxiety disorders, getting a few extra minutes of shut-eye every night can work wonders. That’s where Balance Me’s Beauty Sleep CBD Concentrate (£35/8ml) comes in – the UK’s first pulse point CBD oil.

This bespoke essential oil blend uses research-backed lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang and cedarwood to create a relaxing aroma that calms the nervous system. Full spectrum CBD and a skin-replenishing hemp seed oil have also been added to soothe dry, sensitive and itchy skin and help you get off to sleep easier.

Its creators say: “A UK market first, we’ve harnessed the stress-relieving benefits of CBD and an ultra-high blend of essential oils in a super-practical pulse point oil that soothes both skin and senses – making it a bedside table must-have for all who need a better night’s sleep.”

Simply roll onto your wrists, inner elbow, neck or earlobes at bedtime and deeply inhale the sleep-inducing scent to drift off.

Balance Me Beauty Sleep

Sweet relief

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, here is your permission to grab a bar or two of chocolate. CBD lifestyle brand APOTHEM has teamed up with award-winning chocolatiers Land to bring some much-needed joy to what is looking like another difficult month ahead with its delicious vegan-friendly CBD chocolate.

The gluten-free APOTHEM x Land bar (£8/60g) is crafted in small batches with ethically sourced 58% Venezuelan cacao, infused with 30mg of organically cultivated THC-free CBD and blended with oats to emulate the creaminess of a dark milk chocolate without the dairy. You can expect all the calming benefits of CBD and natural creamy caramel and fudge notes without a hint of hemp taste.

Amelia Baerlein, APOTHEM co-founder and CEO, says: “With this collaboration we wanted to unite two ‘super plants’ to make the wellness benefits of CBD accessible to even more people. As a relatively new category in the UK, there’s still some education to do around CBD, whereas chocolate, cultivated from the sacred cacao plant, has been part of people’s everyday lives for thousands of years. The botanical synergy of these two plant extracts comes together beautifully in this APOTHEM x Land bar blended with CBD, which is designed to fit easily into people’s lifestyles to help restore everyday wellbeing.”

APOTHEM x Land Chocolate bar

The gift of calm

Since it launched in July 2019, Grass & Co.’s CBD range has seen exceptional demand and even been snapped up by Selfridges for an exclusive partnership with the luxury department store.

If you’re looking for high-quality natural alternatives to relief stress and anxiety, its CALM CBD range should definitely be on your radar. It uses therapeutic botanical ingredients and calming aromatherapy scents such as evening primrose, ashwagandha and chamomile that work with your body to relax and calm your body and mind. Its ingredients are also blended with MCT oil to help enhance the CBD absorption, and combined with delicious flavours that set it apart from other CBD brands.

As its name suggests, the brand’s Big Box of Calm (£100) has been specially curated to include its most popular products that have been designed to bring peace and tranquillity to your day. Each gift box includes the CALM CBD 500mg Consumable Oil, nourishing CALM CBD Body Oil and CBD-infused CALM Balm, which helps relax and ease tension when massaged into pulse points and aching joints and muscles.

Big Box of CALM

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