Feel Good Edibles CBD Review

May 10, 2019

Edibles are of the most popular ways to consume CBD and other cannabis products.

Personally, we love a good gummy. And we’re certainly not opposed to CBD-infused hard candies, chocolates, and lollipops.

Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet treat from time to time? And if it’s infused with CBD, well that’s even better in our book.

Needless to say, when we found out about Feel Good Edibles, we couldn’t wait to test out their products.

A CBD company dedicated solely to CBD-infused edibles? Perfect. We’d like to think that with their focus on only one product that they’d be some of the best edibles we’ve ever tried.

So how, exactly, does Feel Good Edibles stand up to the countless other CBD gummies that are available?

We’ve definitely tried our fair share.  

Following is our honest opinion after trying Feel Good Edibles edibles.

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Who is Feel Good Edibles?

We love to know who’s behind CBD brands.

Maybe it’s because there are so many companies out there that making a personal connection feels important.

The CBD market is flooded with new companies almost every day…and for us, being able to see the face behind the name is always a big bonus.

That being said, there’s not much information about the people behind Feel Good Edibles. Not that big of a deal at all. Just a personal preference on our part.

What we do know is that the mission of Feel Good Edibles is “your happiness.”

Perfect. We’re super down with other people’s happiness.

This brand-new company says they “want to bring a touch of paradise and relaxation into your everyday life” with their fun sweet-tasting CBD edibles.

Sounds good, right?

Who doesn’t want to feel happy and relaxed in paradise in their everyday life?

Has Feel Good Edibles accomplished what they set out to do?

Let’s take a look at their products themselves.


Feel Good Edibles: A Review

These days, good CBD gummies are a dime a dozen.

Pretty much every single CBD company that exists is offering its customers some type of gummy or edible option.

Feel Good Edibles not only has their gummy game down but also offers CBD-infused candies and lollipops.

How do their gummies stack up to the competition?

We’ll focus here on Feel Good Edibles Gummies, as that’s exactly what we tried.

Feel Good Edibles Gummies

Like we mentioned, Feel Good Edibles main concern is your happiness…which they hope to offer through a fun, sweet-tasting CBD edible.

When it comes to gummies, with Feel Good Edibles, you’ve got options. Four, to be exact.

  • 300mg CBD Bear Gummy/$19.99 (30ct/10mg each)
  • 600mg CBD Bear Gummy/$29.99 (30ct/20mg each)
  • 300mg Vegan CBD Watermelon Gummy/$19.99 (30ct/10mg each)
  • 600mg Vegan CBD Watermelon Gummy/$29.99 (30ct/20mg each)

We were happy to try them all.

Feel Good Edibles mission is to provide a fun, sweet-tasting edible.

As far as fun goes, they’ve got that down. Packaging (which is extremely important in such a competitive market) is inviting with it’s rainbow and clouds. Fun packaging. 100%.

The fun, however, extends beyond just the packaging.


Feel Good Edibles Fun Shapes

Each of their edible choices come in fun shapes that depict each flavor.

Bears are the shape of bears. Watermelon gummies are in the shape of watermelons. Soda flavor in the shape of a soda can. Peach is the traditional peach ring gummy. Sour is in the shape of Sour Patch Kids.

While taste (and effects) will ultimately decide just how much someone will enjoy Feel Good Edibles CBD gummies, the shapes they come in are definitely on the fun side. Perhaps even more so than any other gummy we’ve come across.

Feel Good Edibles Fun Taste

How do Feel Good Edibles taste?

We’re glad you asked.

Watermelon gummies taste just like watermelon hard candies. Not like fresh watermelon by any means, but it is a candy. And the taste is on point.

Peach gummies might be our fav. They taste just like peach gummies. No medicinal taste whatsoever. Just delish peach gummy candy.

Soda gummies taste just like a Cherry Coke. Like exactly.

As for the sour gummies, game on. Anyone who ever enjoyed Sour Patch Kids will love what Feel Good Edibles has done with these.

Then there are Feel Good Edibles Bear Gummies. The taste is good. Much like the gummy bears we’re all accustomed to, with perhaps some slight differences.

They’re certainly not as sweet as the other Feel Good Edible options, but that isn’t to say they aren’t sweet. They’re a good, all-around gummy that anyone who enjoys gummies would probably appreciate.

Feel Good Edibles Ingredients

Let’s be real. Gummies aren’t exactly health food. They’re typically loaded with sugar and a bunch of artificial ingredients.

Ingredients on the Bear Gummies is listed right on the packaging and includes sugar, gelatin, citric acid, natural flavoring, natural coloring, coconut oil, pure hemp extract. And all Feel Good Edibles are lab tested, which you can find by Feel Good Edibles.

No, they’re not vegan like some other gummies on the market. But they aren’t full of artificial colors or flavors. And we appreciate they aren’t made with corn syrup.

The ingredient for other flavors are listed online but not on the actual packaging. We don’t know how the flavor of Cherry Coke could be flavored naturally, but we’ll go ahead and take Feel Good Edibles word for it.


Final Thoughts

How did Feel Good Edibles make us feel, though?

Because as fun and exciting as cool shapes and great taste might be, if a CBD gummy isn’t making you feel something it might as well just be a regular old gummy.

Here’s what we did notice after trying out Feel Good Edibles gummies.

We slept really, really well. Like noticeably sounder sleep. And we woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

Keep in mind we ate 4-5 in each sitting over the course of a couple of days and that everyone is different when it comes to CBD serving sizes.

What works for us might be different for you. All we know is that after trying Feel Good Edibles gummies, we slept better than we had in days.

When it comes to gummies, Feel Good Edibles has their game down.

Anyone looking for a fun CBD gummy option will find it with Feel Good Edibles. Make sure to click here to see their latest discounts too!

Fun. Affordable. Delicious.

Let’s not forget different, either. Feel Good Edibles has deviated a bit from the CBD gummies “norm” by offering flavor and shape options that aren’t available anywhere else.

And in today’s competitive CBD market, it’s paramount to stand out from the competition.

We can’t wait to try their lollipops and hard candies, as we have a feeling they’re going to be just as delish as the gummies we got to try.

We’re wild about Feel Good Edibles gummies. If we were looking specifically for a gummy, this could be a brand we continue to come back to.

Have you tried to Feel Good Edibles for yourself? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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