Everything you need to know about CBD gummies

April 27, 2021

The CBD market is booming; from CBD-infused coffee to CBD eye drops. At the forefront of the latest wave of CBD hype is the subject of this article: CBD gummies. Gummies are essentially CBD-infused sweets, combining the medicinal effects of CBD with the convenience and aesthetic appeal of sweets. Think of them as occupying a similar niche to that occupied by dietary supplements; cod-liver oil, multi-vitamins. In the same way, they expedite the process of maintaining bodily regularity, whilst conferring all the other benefits of cannabinoid consumption. 

Benefits and drawbacks of CBD gummies

CBD’s medical benefits are widely attested to – they have been shown to provide immediate and effective relief from a wide variety of conditions; from epilepsy and inflammation to anxiety and depression. The principal benefit of gummies over other forms of CBD, such as oil, is the duration of its effects. Their effectiveness is dependent, much like the other forms of ‘edible’ on the market, on a litany of environmental and individual-specific factors. Gummies can be effective for up to 12 hours, giving them an advantage over almost every other form of ingestible CBD. This makes them helpful for chronic conditions. 

But the downside to this is that they also typically take longer to take effect. Gummies must travel through the digestive system, meaning that the contents of the stomach, or lack thereof, at the time of ingestion can affect the time taken for the effects to become apparent. But for the busy executive, for example, the convenience of an ability to just pop a gummy in your mouth is a big selling point – not everyone has the time to nip out and grab a CBD-infused coffee during the workday. Additionally, they are also safer than vaping, which has been shown in some cases to adversely affect lung function. It is easy to see the wider appeal of sweets in contrast to vaping; not all of us are willing to invest in a vape and foot the not-insignificant bill associated with regular top-ups. 

Many CBD users elect to use gummies because of the taste. CBD oil can taste earthy, an off-putting flavour for some. CBD gummies come in a wide range of flavours from lemon to cherry and can be sugar and gluten-free. Unlike CBD oil, you can tailor your choice to suit your taste. 

As well as being appetizing, gummies are one of the cheapest ways to get your CBD fix. If you’re new to CBD, the price of oils and vapes can make you apprehensive and can be off-putting. Gummies can start at around £10 per pack so if you don’t feel any benefits or think that CBD isn’t for you, you won’t end up feeling too embittered.

Gummies are also a sensible choice if you want to be discreet about taking CBD. Even these days when the general population appears to be in favour of cannabis reform, there can still be a stigma surrounding cannabis-derived products for those that don’t understand the differences between terms like CBD and THC. Unfortunately, there are still people who will think of CBD as an illegal drug. So if you want to take CBD at work or around those who might question what you’re doing, gummies are the choice for you. 

The main drawback to using gummies to take CBD is that it limits bioavailability. I’m sure you’re now asking ‘what is bioavailability?’ Bioavailability is a measure of how easily a substance can be absorbed by the body and be used where needed. The method of administration impacts the percentage of bioavailability. The more bioavailable your CBD product is, the lower the quantity you need to reap the benefits. 

Now the best method to ensure a high bioavailability is to inhale CBD. Your lungs immediately absorb the CBD and pass it straight into the bloodstream where the compound binds to the necessary endocannabinoid receptors. Although the CBD is entered into the bloodstream immediately, this obviously comes with the negative impact that inhaling can have on the lungs. 

The next best method for bioavailability is to administer CBD sublingually (under the tongue). After being absorbed through the sublingual gland and entered into the bloodstream, the CBD can produce effects within about 20 minutes. 

Although there are plenty of positives with orally ingesting CBD, bioavailability isn’t one of them. Eating CBD gummies is the least effective way of reaping the benefits of CBD – the oral bioavailability of CBD is between 5% and 10%. Because the CBD has to pass through your digestive system before even reaching your bloodstream, a high percentage of the compound is lost in the body on the journey. 

Can you give CBD gummies to children?

If parents want to give their children CBD, it is totally their choice. Although there is limited research about the effects of CBD on children, many parents have given anecdotal reports on the benefits of CBD for kids with autism and ADHD. As with any medication, it is best to check with a doctor and do thorough research before administering CBD. 

If you do want to give CBD to a child, gummies are probably the best way to do this. They will certainly be the easiest way to do so given that they look and taste like sweets! If from a reputable brand, gummies give a consistent and precise dose so you can know exactly the quantity you are administering. It is advisable to use gummies on the lower end of the potency range. 

Should I take CBD gummies?

If you are just starting out taking CBD, these healthy sweet treat gummies are a good bet.  They are super easy to take, can be taken inconspicuously and provide long-lasting relief for inflammation, pain and anxiety. They produce no smoke, no smell and no lung or throat irritation.

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