EirHealth Review: CBD Products To Help You Feel Better

June 03, 2019


With all of the CBD tinctures available today, few bridges the gap between accessibility and effectiveness.

One such brand that provides consistent benefits and premium quality is EirHealth.

Founded on the principle that people deserve to feel well, Eir offers the highest quality CBD products at a competitive price.

The brand’s mission to help as many people as possible feel better is clear through their honest ingredient sourcing and high-quality standards.

Eir’s products aren’t just effective, though. Every facet of the brand, from the website to the packaging, is thoughtful and reflects their overarching ethos.

It’s rare that a brand combines a premium design, effectiveness, and affordability, but Eir has all of these qualities.

Below, we take a closer look at what makes this brand essential for all CBD wellness needs.

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About Eir

The name ‘Eir’ (pronounced like “air”) comes from Old Norse lore, which heralds Eir as the goddess of healing.

Much like its namesake, EirHealth is focused on helping people heal and feel at peace every day.

The brand acts on its mission by offering holistic health solutions in the form of CBD.

The products are made from only the highest quality ingredients, including organic and chemical-free hemp-derived CBD, and made without parabens, toxins, artificial flavors, preservatives, gluten, allergens, or GMOs.

The brand offers to ship to the United States, and ships globally to 33 countries across Europe and the United Kingdom as well.

They also offer a subscribe and save model where you save 20% on each purchase just for subscribing, and can pause or cancel anytime.

But what about the actual products: how do they stack up? Below are our thoughts on the full Eir product range.

Only The Best CBD Oils

There are a lot of CBD oil tinctures out there—and we’ve tried them all. But few stand up to Eir’s signature CBD Oils.

The Oil No. 3 (just $28) contains 300mg of CBD, which comes out to 1mL or 7.5mg per serving. This is the perfect entry point for someone newer to CBD.

Eir recommends this dosage for mild to moderate anxiety, stress, migraines, and minor aches and pains.

We definitely felt relaxed even from this smaller amount of CBD, but if you’re someone who prefers a higher potency, they’ve got you covered, too.

The signature oil is offered in Oil No. 6 (600mg; $48) and Oil No. 30 (3000mg; $148).

A single dropper of No. 6 contains 15mg CBD, while a single dropper of No. 30 contains 100mg.

The medium- and high-potency varieties are best for seasoned CBD users or anyone with more intense pain symptoms.

All of the above products contain only organic, full-spectrum CBD, organic MCT oil, and less than 0.2% THC, so you can rest easy knowing you’re consuming the purest product.

Eir Health CBD Oil No. 3 Product Review

CBD Aqua: A Powerful Solution

Eir’s unique offering is the CBD Aqua collection, which features CBD oil captured in droplets of water.

The water-soluble format is proven to work 5x better and more quickly than oil alone, thanks to increased bioavailability.

Again, the CBD Aqua products vary in potency so you can find a dose that meets your needs.

The formulas range from Aqua No. 3 (300mg; $78), a mild pain reliever, to the medium-potency Aqua No. 9 (900mg; $148), to high-powered Aqua No. 18 ($1800mg; 248). As regular CBD enthusiasts, we preferred the 1800mg formula.

We tried CBD Aqua products in a variety of ways that Eir recommends, including swallowing one dose and adding it to a cup of water. The formulas go down even more smoothly than a traditional CBD oil, and we definitely felt the effects more quickly than we usually would.

The Look and Feel

Not every CBD brand is appealing—especially when they’re health-focused.

Eir managed to capture our attention with their sleek, design-minded packaging that feels less pharmaceutical and more like a premium wellness product.

The all-black packaging of their CBD Oil range, in contrast with the clean, white packaging of the CBD Aqua bottles, makes it easy to differentiate between the two.

The bottles are sleek enough to display on your vanity, or in a purse or bag on the go.

It’s clear that the brand has put a great deal of care into all aspects of their packaging.

Eir has also taken the guesswork out of how much you should use, with a convenient 1mL dropper cap that equals one serving (the amount of servings you take daily is, of course, up to you).

Eir Health CBD Oil No. 6 Product Review

Should You Buy Eir CBD?

After trying Eir out, we can confidently recommend their products for anyone interested in harnessing the powerful benefits of CBD.

This brand clearly knows their stuff and wants you to know what’s in their products, too.

We’ve tried more than a handful of tinctures, and don’t take recommendations lightly.

But don’t just take our word for it—we hope you try Eir’s range for yourself and experience the peaceful calm and healing the products can help facilitate.

The brand is so confident you’ll love the products that they offer a Happiness Guarantee.

If you don’t love your first purchase, they’ll refund you within 30 days—so you have truly nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Have you used the Eir brand? If so, let us know your thoughts below!

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