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Dolphin-Safe Cannabis Certification Helps Consumers Shop Wisely

March 31, 2017

Editor’s note: This was an April Fool’s article- there is not an actual dolphin-safe certification for cannabis cultivators.

In Eugene, Oregon, many consumers are looking to a new certification to make sure their cannabis products are safe for the environment. The Dolphin-Safe™ Cannabis Certification gives consumers the reassurance that their cannabis is grown without harming the aquatic mammals.

According to The Guardian, a dolphin’s brain is roughly 25% heavier than the average human brain. The marine mammals have a gamut of feeding strategies and multiple reports confirm they can use tools to solve problems. One tool they don’t have in their repertoire is the ability to make sure consumers shop with their health in mind. That is where the Dolphin-Safe™ Cannabis Certification comes in.

Many stakeholders in the food industry are concerned with animal welfare. Third-party certifications like the SQF certification program can help food brands let their customers know they are keeping animal welfare in mind. Dolphin-Safe™ aims to help consumers achieve that similar peace of mind but with cannabis products.

Adam Jacques, grower and owner of Sproutly, was an early adopter of Dolphin-Safe™. According to Jacques, it is hard to quantify just how some cannabis growers might be harming dolphins- and that is a big part of the problem. “Being a steward of the environment is an integral part of our business,” says Jacques. “We want to be able to say with confidence that no dolphins were harmed in the growing of our cannabis.”

According to Mike Smith of Geek Farms, marine mammal safety awareness should be a fundamental aspect of growing cannabis. “We at Geek Farms believe that the most important thing to cannabis production is keeping the dolphins safe,” says Smith. “We all get so caught up with the THC and CBD factors that we forget the most important part: the dolphins.” Smith and Jacques are simply echoing concerns heard throughout the community in Eugene. This isn’t just a regular third-party certification; this is a full-fledged grassroots movement. “We now use recycled harpoons as garden stakes, a harsh reminder of what we are really fighting for.” For more information, visit DolphinSafeCannabis.com.

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