Desperate Mother Takes Daughter To Holland For Cannabis Treatment

February 13, 2018

Back in May it was reported that medical cannabis campaigner Vera Twomey was forced to relocate to the Netherlands in order to give her daughter Ava, who suffers from Dravat Syndrome, “life-saving” treatment illegal in Ireland

Dravat syndrome is a form of epilepsy which can cause multiple life-threatening seizures per day, especially in children. Vera has been campaigning for years to get access to medical cannabis for her daughter, after she reacted well to a special CBD-based treatment.

CBD is one of the active compounds found in cannabis, which is not associated with the ‘high’ from THC in the plant, and therefore suitable for use by children. The Irish Mirror reported that, according to Mrs Twomey, medical cannabis has the potential to save her daughters life.

“Today we had a doctor’s appointment and we have begun Ava on her treatment, her CBD and THC medication has been prescribed and that medication will be issued tomorrow. She’s doing ok. I’m looking forward to getting going on it,” she said.

Vera went on to thank all the people that have helped her and Ava, “Apart from that, the people we’ve met over here have been fantastic, they’ve been tremendous. I’ve met a number of doctors, a number of nurses, paramedics, all of which are confused and appalled that medical THC and medical CBD combined are not available as treatment for patients like Ava and other people in Ireland.”

The Netherlands has traditionally been open when it comes to cannabis policy, either for medical or recreational purposes, and is one of only a few countries where possession of cannabis is legal

Vera spoke about her experience so far in Holland, “Coming over here has made me see the ordinary people in this country. They think it’s a fantastic alternative, a fantastic treatment and that’s the way it should be and I hope that’s the way it will be over in Ireland.”

Vera Twomey is a dedicated mom-turned-activist, and by all accounts, a very brave woman. She was previously stopped at Dublin airport when she attempted to bring medical cannabis from Barcelona home for her daughter. She even declared it at customs to make a point, but then it was seized.

This tragic case highlights part of a larger problem, as Vera and Ava are not the only people to have to seek medical cannabis abroad. How many other Dravat sufferers are there around the world who can’t get access to medical cannabis? And what about all the other chronic pain sufferers and those tapering off addictive opioid medications?

It is hoped that cases like these will pave the way for kids like Ava to receive the medicine they need, in order to make their lives liveable.

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