Dairy-free hemp cream launched in the UK is a world-first

May 21, 2021

Good Hemp, a company based in Devon, is making leaps and bounds in the hemp food industry. Now, they have launched a unique product that makes them stand out from the crowd, a dairy-free hemp cream concentrate. This is a world-first product that is ready to make its mark in the growing plant-based food industry.

The UK-based company makes a wide selection of CBD and hemp products including oils and hemp protein powders. They have also been creating many successful dairy-free milk products. However, this seems to be the first dairy-free hemp cream created which makes it truly special.

What is Good Hemp’s hemp cream?

The hemp cream has a long shelf life as it goes through the ultra-heat treatment process (UHT) to kill off any bacteria that can cause the hemp cream to spoil. The product fits excellently into the dairy-free cream market due to its long shelf life, as well as, its health and environmental benefits.

The product is manufactured at the accredited Good Hemp manufacturing facility. Using two main ingredients, hemp oil and water, Good Hemp can create 3 different hemp cream concentrates; 70% cream concentrate, 40% cream emulsion and 20% cream emulsion.

Some may think that with so many dairy-free cream alternatives on the market, this is nothing other than another similar product to choose from. However, a hemp cream is special as it brings all the added benefits of hemp oil to fluffy and delicious cream. Whether we want to add it to our coffee, cakes, or pasta dishes, a hemp cream can be nutritious and environmentally friendly.

A nutritious and environmentally-friendly cream

When it comes to nutrition, hemp seed is considered a superfood. And a hemp cream made from the oil extracted from hemp seed has many nutritional perks. The main and most obvious one is good fats. Hemp oil is full of healthy fats such as Omega 3, 6 and 9. These fatty acids help maintain a healthy heart, skin, hair and they even boost your immune system.

Hemp cream and oil are full of protein as they contain 20 amino acids, all of which are important in a healthy diet. On top of this, hemp foods contain fibre and vitamins which just add to the already high nutritional value of hemp cream.

Furthermore, a hemp cream could be one of the most eco-friendly creams to date. Nowadays, many people choose plant-based creams instead of dairy creams for environmental reasons.

However, hemp cream could be more environmentally friendly than many of the other plant-based creams found in the UK. This is because hemp can be grown in the UK and due to its strong and tough exterior does not need pesticides. It can grow quickly and is usually ready to be harvested in about 100 days. Also, hemp is a great CO2 sink, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen more efficiently than some trees.

The managing director at Good Hemp, David Shaw expresses that “This is a remarkable product that we are now making available to all plant-based food and drink manufacturers. It’s a pure, clean-tasting cream made from sustainable hemp that allows manufacturers to use the added nutritional and environmental value of hemp in their products while achieving the desired flavour profile.”

Considering this, it might be worth keeping an eye out for this product in stores near you. It just might be the cream of the crop.

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