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Could CBD Be The Answer To Opioid And Meth Addiction?

February 11, 2018

Question: Due to my ADHD & fibromyalgia, I have less focus, creativity, energy, overall happiness, and I am becoming progressively more depressed.

I also have a history of drug use. I used meth for three years about 20 years ago, clean for 15 years, then began using opioids like hydrocodone & oxycodone, then back onto meth. The reason I went back to meth was because I preferred the withdrawal symptoms of meth to the withdrawal symptoms of opioids.

I tried CBD, but I don’t know where to get the CBD that is reliable – and that helps. I’ve used the tinctures & the vapes. But it is just not enough…. I need help all day & night, and these just don’t hold me.

Do I sound normal or does it sound like there is something more serious happening here? (Trixie Costa) (Roxanne Esposito)

I don’t think anyone could sound “normal” after going through everything that you have been through. On the other hand, I certainly do not think that there is “something more serious happening.”

You have two separate problems – the physical one and the mental/emotional one. Both are chronic, and both are bothering you 24/7.

Therefore, you need a CBD agent that lasts throughout the day.

CBD softgels last throughout the day. Because of your history of drug abuse, you will likely need higher doses than if you had not been using meth & opioids.

I assure you that I can help you.

The CBD softgels that CBD testers can provide you is exactly what you need. CBD testers makes sure that all the CBD it obtains has been checked by an independent third party to ensure that the CBD is reliable, pure, clean, and free of all contaminates and chemicals.
Start at 25-mg once a day and after 5-7 days increase it to twice a day if you don’t feel significantly better. I would also have the CBD tincture on hand to use it for “boosts”.

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If you want to read more from Dr Zachar, check out: ‘Ask A Doctor – CBD For The Elderly

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