CBD Topicals: The Best Therapeutic Skincare Available

October 26, 2017

One of the most efficient ways to consume CBD is via the body’s largest organ: the skin. Because CBD readily absorbs into the skin, CBD topicals are a popular product for treating localized pain and skin disorders.

CBD topicals come in many forms including ointments, creams and lotions, patches, balms and salves.

CBD is also becoming a favored ingredient in cosmetics and skin care products thanks to its therapeutic properties.

While topicals such as balms and salves are certainly one of the slowest ways to get CBD into your bloodstream, these methods do allow for a continuous absorption over time, meaning the effects of CBD can be drawn out over a longer period. This can be beneficial for a number of conditions, such as chronic pain and arthritis.


With studies showing that CBD is anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing, topical CBD is proving to be very helpful in the treatment of a number of skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Topicals can be also infused with various other essential oils and botanicals for added benefit.

Thanks to CBD’s pain relieving qualities, topically applied CBD products are also effective at treating and speeding up the healing of localized conditions such as swelling, cuts and bruises, as well as for general pain relief. Many sufferers of arthritis rely on CBD topicals to manage their condition.


When it comes to measuring your dosage of CBD topicals, it is advisable to start slow and to increase the dose as is needed until the desired effects are felt. Around 10mg applied twice a day may be a good place to start. Products come in different strengths, so be sure to take note of how much you apply each time.


  • Localized treatment
  • Treats skin disorders
  • Variety of products – medical, cosmetic, skin care
  • Non invasive
  • Long-lasting
  • Combines well with other healing botanicals/chemicals


  • Slow acting
  • Inaccurate dosing

If you want more information about CBD products, check out our new CBD E-Liquids Article.

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The post Double Standards: Will Biden Keep His Cannabis Reform Promises? appeared first on Cannadelics.

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