CBD – The New Fountain Of Youth

May 30, 2018

When it comes to the process of aging, no one is immune. However, the idea of simply growing old gracefully is not an accepted standard in today’s world, which has led to hundreds of billions being spent on anti-aging therapies.

Whether it comes as a supplement to ingest, a cream to put on the skin, specific exercise regimens to target specific parts of the body, or self-help affirmations that target the mind, a lot is done, and spent, to look and feel young.

As the battle to stay young rages on, CBD has stepped itself up as a major contender in the fight against aging, providing several useful components to keep us at our best.

There are several factors that contribute to visible aging. Intrinsic aging are the processes that happen genetically. The following are examples of this:

  • Collagen in the skin is used to keep it firm, but it starts to decrease as a person ages, starting even as early as the 20s.
  • Sebocyte glands which produce natural oils to lubricate the skin stop working overtime, leading to dryer, older looking skin.
  • The decrease of elastin in the skin which means slower healing and less elasticity.

Then there is extrinsic aging which are processes that are not related to personal genetics:

  • Environmental factors like sun exposure, and exposure to chemicals or pollutants.
  • Lifestyle choices which include smoking, dietary choices, drinking alcohol, drug use etc.

To say that a specific percentage of aging comes from one or the other is impossible, and a look online will garner several different opinions. It suffices to say that we are all different, and over time both aspects of the aging process will become relevant.

Enter CBD!

First, CBD is an extremely potent antioxidant. Antioxidants are like protectors that ward off the damage of free radicals which are known to break down collagen, thus helping the skin retain firmness. Likewise, studies have found a connection between CBD and increasing oil excretions from the sebaceous glands that allow skin to remain moist. Plus, like most plants that we consume, CBD is also a powerful anti-inflammatory which helps relax the skin, hiding fine lines and damage. Consistent use of CBD can have noticeable effects on visible aging.

But we don’t just age on the outside, and this is where cannabis extracts as an anti-aging element really come into play. As we get older our minds lose their sharpness. For some it might simply mean working a little slower upstairs as the years wear on, for others it can mean a full slip into dementia. A recent joint study between University of Bonn and Hebrew University saw a reversal of aging symptoms like memory loss and learning capacity in mice, with results that showed not only a stopping in the progression of symptoms, but a reversal altogether, by using a prolonged low dose cannabis treatment.

In the past cannabis and its component parts have not been studied as they should’ve been regarding human health, but as laws relax and information becomes harder to ignore, new avenues of research are being opened up every day.

There might not be a magic solution yet for staying young, but with new invigoration put into the study of cannabis compounds, we may all be able to slow our aging process soon.

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