CBD tea benefits: Reasons to drink CBD tea

December 06, 2021

Everybody loves a cup of tea. The country runs on the stuff. In fact, at least a mind-blowing 100 million cups of tea are drunk in the UK each day! There is always a new brand or style of tea to enjoy – bubble tea, anyone? – but one recent addition is CBD tea. What are the benefits of CBD tea and should you give it a try?

When we think about tea we usually refer to black tea. This constitutes the majority of tea in the nation’s shopping baskets. Most tea drinkers buy black tea in bags while some prefer the ritual of brewing tea leaves in a pot. Then we turn our black tea white because 98% of UK consumers add milk to their cuppa.

Alternatives to our favourite black tea

Other popular teas are regularly found in UK and Irish cupboards. These include green tea, sophisticated blends like Darjeeling or Earl Grey, herbal and spice tea, even instant and pods.

Herbal teas are hugely popular, with most of us trying a berry, chamomile or peppermint tea at some time. They make a great refreshing alternative to regular tea and can also be chilled for a cooling summertime drink.

These teas are often designed and marketed to promote wellness. For instance, green tea gives a caffeinated energy boost, while chamomile or lavender-infused teas promote restful sleep. Technically, what we call herbal or fruit teas are blends of fruit, seeds, oils and leaves. They are tea-free ‘tisanes’ but it’s easier to call them teas.

What is CBD tea?

CBD is a relative newcomer to the tea world. In fact, it is more of an addition to the CBD edibles range as it’s not sold in supermarkets – yet. The rise in popularity of CBD as a health supplement has led to numerous CBD-infused products. CBD teas sit very well in the CBD drinks category and offer a recognisable and reassuring way into its use.

Most people are very familiar with herbal tea. Therefore, experimenting with CBD tea may not be as daunting as trying, for instance, CBD oil. It’s often paired with other familiar flavours, like lemon and ginger, so it doesn’t have CBD oil’s bitter taste.

cbd tea benefits

Teas infused with CBD are available in a range of options, such as:

  • Loose leaf
  • Tea bags
  • A blend of black tea
  • Pure hemp tea
  • Blended with herbs and flowers
  • Labelled for relaxation, energy, unwinding, focus, sleep

Does CBD strength matter?

This is where things can get confusing. Like many CBD products, teas are produced with a strength of CBD that can vary. Low to high dose products are available. However, a brand might declare the CBD content per box, while others list it per bag. Loose tea can be labelled with CBD content per gram instead of per serving.

If buying tea will be your first experience of CBD, get to grips with the CBD content. It’s always advisable to start with a lower dose, just like with all CBD products.

Be aware too that many CBD teas carry warnings about use in pregnancy or when breastfeeding. Make sure to follow the product guidelines.

Anything else to know?

Eco-warriors will be looking for biodegradability. Sadly, many tea bags do not degrade naturally and can be manufactured from plastic. Loose leaf, however, can go straight into the compost or brown bin after use. And some of these teas come with a reusable tea bag.

With that said, let’s put the kettle on and choose a brew from this fantastic selection available at CBD Village.

CBD tea for an uplifting boost

Canndid Rose & Green CBD tea bags are made from green tea and hemp. But for a gloriously exotic sensation they include pink rose petals, Chun mee Sencha, sunflower blossoms and sugared pineapple.

Aromatic and invigorating CBD tea bags

Who doesn’t love the combination of lemon and ginger? It instantly creates a sense of wellness and caring for yourself. But Canndid Lemon & Ginger CBD tea bags also have CBD, so that wellbeing element is increased. This invigorating and lively brew packs a punch. Perfect for early mornings or the afternoon work slump.

CBD tea for nervous tension

It’s all in the name – Ultracalm. CBD is taken by many people to promote calmness. This tea is mixed with peppermint, used for centuries to ease nervous tension and anxiety. The combination of CBD and peppermint should ensure relaxation. The pack includes a reusable tea bag!

Gourmet CBD tea

For a spot of luxury try Equilibrium CBD Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea Bags Sencha Green. Sourced from the finest Japanese tea gardens, this blend is an antioxidant booster. It tastes delicious and is set to raise your levels of wellbeing and contentment. It contains full spectrum CBD, so it has other cannabinoids, thereby promoting the ‘entourage effect’ for maximum impact.

CBD tea for wellbeing

Êlin Wellbeing Winter Spice CBD Hemp Tea is guaranteed to warm you through on a chilly day. Real fruit pieces are infused with the goodness of CBD to promote health, healing and a sense of wellbeing. Sit back and take a break, you deserve it.

Detoxing CBD tea

Honey Heaven Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea is designed to help with a detox. Being vegan and organic kick starts the process. The exceptional taste is provided by apple, cinnamon, ginger, rosehip, elderflower and mixed spice. Treat yourself to a warming cup and feel better all over. Comes with a reusable tea bag for extra brownie points.

CBD tea for superfood goodness

Turmeric is praised for its health benefits. But rather than add it to food why not try the convenience of Buddha Teas Turmeric Ginger CBD Tea Bags? Ginger is also great for digestion, nausea, inflammation and colds. Combining ginger and turmeric with the therapeutic properties of CBD means these tea bags promise a lot.

To sum up

CBD tea is a great introduction to the health supplement. It can pep you up for the day or settle you down at night. Tea infused with CBD may help you sleep, feel less stressed, play a role in pain relief and encourage healthy sleep. Users often report that taking CBD for one health issue often improves health in other areas too.

It’s also a delicious and convenient way to take CBD. A cup of this at work will not raise any concerns and you can sip away discreetly. Teas are perfect for the occasional boost when needed, or for regular daily use. They are also a tasty alternative to CBD oil which can be difficult to take, or capsules which may contain gelatin. Head straight to CBD Village for a taste-tingling selection.

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