CBD Oil vs Treats for dogs – What’s the difference and which is better

March 29, 2021

Once categorised as an ‘alternative medicine’, cannabidiol (CBD) is now a compound that is studied and researched by experts for its potential to help improve a variety of issues. It isn’t just for humans that this compound is beginning to be taken seriously by the medical community. Its efficacy as a potential treatment for dogs is now being studied. We'll examine CBD oil vs CBD treats for dogs so you can make the best choice for your pet.

The proliferation of CBD oils and treats specifically designed for dogs means the idea that CBD is an effective canine health supplement has gained purchase with dog owners. The first issue to address when discussing anything a dog can ingest is pancreatic toxicity. Many of the foods humans eat are not only unsuitable but potentially extremely toxic for dogs.

It’s always better to give your dog food specifically made for them and if you do mix their food with leftovers, you should conduct some research on foods that may potentially harm them. CBD has been proved a non-toxic ingredient for dogs.

The same cannot be said for its cannabinoid cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This psychoactive cannabinoid which intoxicates humans is also very harmful to dogs. Therefore it’s imperative you not only choose CBD dog products specifically designed for dogs, but you also ensure these products are certified to contain little or no THC.

Both CBD products for dogs and humans sold in the UK must legally contain less than 0.3% THC. This is a trace amount of THC and will not trigger a psychoactive reaction in either dogs or humans.

Why give your dog CBD?

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), it’s a biological system that signals cells and receptors in your body. Although it already exists as a working biological framework within all of us, dogs included, that influences bodily functions like metabolism, sleep, memory, pleasure, reproduction and more. The cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant interact with some of the cannabinoid receptors within this system. Cannabinoids have an affinity with the cannabinoid receptors in your ECS.

People give their dogs CBD for much the same reason humans add it to their health regimen. Its most popular uses for dogs appear to be pain and the other is stress. CBD is said to be anti-inflammatory and pain is primarily due to inflammation. The way in which CBD helps to relieve stress and produce a calming effect is by binding to the ECS receptors and regulating fear, stress and mood. Both humans and dog owners can use the compound to help ease stress. A health supplement if you will. Much research still has to be done on CBD to definitively prove all the symptoms it can improve. However, we believe CBD will prove to have many beneficial properties for dogs.

CBD Oil vs Treats for dogs

CBD treats vs CBD oil for dogs; how do you know which is the best option for your dog? While there are positives and negatives going for both these products, the choice ultimately may not be yours to make. It depends on what you can get your dog to eat. Some dogs can be picky eaters. The reason people might choose CBD oil over CBD treats for their dog, is because it’s a higher concentration, and is more likely to be made from full-spectrum hemp. This means it may have more useful cannabinoids which can help your dog.

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Cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC), terpenes and flavonoids are all present in full-spectrum hemp. These ingredients can be very health-giving. A dropper means that dog owners can experiment with dosage. If your dog is a very picky or sensitive eater, you’ll have to add the CBD oil to strong tasting food to mask the flavour.

Soft chews might be a more palatable option for picky dogs. There’s also the fact that they’re very discrete, portable and easy to use. So, if you and your dog encounter a stressful situation, it will be easier to administer a dog chew than CBD oil. They’re designed to be much more palatable for dogs so owners usually have no trouble getting their dog to take them


There is no definitive answer on whether you should choose CBD treats or CBD oil for your dog. It really depends on your dog’s needs and what they’ll be amenable to. Either way, dog owners all over the world have improved their dog’s health with CBD products.

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