CBD Christmas gifts for everyone

December 13, 2019

Whether you’re gifting a loved one or simply yourself this Christmas, here’s our round-up of all things CBD to put under the tree this year.

For fitness fans

Signature CBD Muscle RecoveryMuscle Recovery & Joint Support, £40/500mg, www.signature-cbd.com

All those arm days can take their toll. Not with this Signature CBD Muscle & Joint Support though, which is designed with your physical recovery in mind. Enriched with carefully chosen active ingredients including turmeric, vitamin D, omega 3 and CBD oil, this will help keep your nearest and dearest in their top physical condition well beyond Christmas. It also supports the immune system, muscle pain, soreness and arthritis on your days off from the gym.


For keen groomers

CBD InfiniteInfinite CBD Beard Flux, £19.99, www.thedrug.store 

A good beard oil can be an important addition to any grooming routine and the end to dry, itchy facial fuzz. With this nourishing oil from Infinite CBD – that’s formulated with CBD, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, tea tree, sandalwood and peppermint oil – you can give the gift of good facial hair this year. Massaged into the roots of the beard after washing and drying, it helps to keep their beard and skin below healthy.


For yummy mummies

Bath soakNannette de Gaspé Bain Noir Cannabis Sativa Bath Soak Treatment, £230/500ml, www.selfridges.com

If a fancy bath soak wasn’t enough to get you in the good books with your mum this Christmas? This one was allegedly gifted to the Oscars nominees this year. Your mum can be just like Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper by soaking up this indulgent mix of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Oil and Poppyseed Oil. As well as its obvious relaxing properties, it also helps to protect your skin from free radical aggressors and lock in moisture.


For sweet teeth

Paso ChocolatePaso CBD Milk Chocolate, £9.95, www.pasocbd.co.uk

After working with some of California’s leading brands in the cannabis space, cousins Sophie Morrison and Alex Pejacsevich decided to create their own, which combined great taste and quality, and was accessible to everyone. Launched just in time for Christmas, Paso CBD Milk Chocolate is the sweet treat you can give your mates or even your mum. Handmade in small batches in London, it has an indulgent creamy taste and a high 75mg CBD content – for when you just want to take some time out. All chocolate fans are covered with dark and white varieties available, too.


For beauty fans

Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Natural CBD Skin CreamDr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Natural CBD Skin Cream, £60/59ml, www.selfridges.com

Dr. Andrew Kerklaan first discovered the benefits of CBD oil when treating patients for chronic pain. Channelling his experiences and extensive research into this line, he’s created a doctor-designed and patient-approved skincare range that is soothing enough to treat a range of skin irritations, including dryness and rashes. This travel-sized bottle makes it the perfect gift for those on the go and those that like their beauty results with minimal fuss but maximum impact.


For merry mates

Dead Man's Fingers rumDead Man’s Fingers Rum, £18, www.sainsburys.co.uk

Make yours a Dead Man’s Fingers this Christmas to win over your rum-loving mates. Thanks to this much-hyped Cornish spiced rum brand, classic Caribbean rum has been given an unconventional makeover. As well as exotic spices, it’s been infused with natural hemp and CBD. The result is a mix of distinct grassy notes, cola, freshly percolated coffee, hops and pine, and a grown-up gift for loved ones. Cheers to that!



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