Cannabis Science for the Win – Emerald Conference Recap  

March 18, 2022

While the majority of cannabis events are centered on products, trends, and other recreational aspects, The Emerald Conference is focused on what is arguably the most important component of this nascent industry: science and research. Among the multitude of professionals who shared their theories and experiences, there were strong feelings of vindication in the knowledge that what we’re all doing here is not for naught.  

Events like The Emerald Conference are pivotal to the advancement of any industry involving plant-based consumer products, but this is especially true in an alternative niche like cannabis. Giving the scientific community a platform where they can openly discuss their findings and insights is the only way to dismantle the misinformation and “black-market paranoia” that runs rampant the world of marijuana, and has been the basis for harsh prohibition laws in the US for nearly 100 years.

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About the event (and details for next year) 

This event that just passed was large enough to offer some diversity and wonderful networking opportunities, but not so massive that you felt overwhelmed or like you were missing out on anything. It took place in the beautiful, beachy city of San Diego, California, at Loews Coronado Bay Resort during the very beginning of March. Honestly, the weather couldn’t have been any more perfect, it was sunny and mild, and very welcoming.  

Unlike other events, which are often structured under the standard exhibitor/booth layout where attendees walk the convention floor and talk to all the various exhibitors to learn more about their products and services – the Emerald Conference is all about the sessions (with a small exhibitor hall on the premises). Essentially, it’s like going back to school for a weekend college course to learn about all the latest advancements in cannabis and psychedelic sciences.  

Speaking of psychedelics, the most recent event did have a couple of sessions that touched on this class of substances, primarily psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. It was exciting to know that these compounds are on researchers’ radars, and I expect there will be much more on these emerging fields in years to come.  

On that note, the Emerald Conference is already planning for next year’s event, which will be going on March 1-3, 2023, at the same location. Shoot us a quick message or drop a line in the comment section below if you need help booking tickets and making travel arrangements.  


As far as industry events go, this one is no-frills but one of my favorites. If it wasn’t for the known safety-profile and therapeutic benefits of cannabis, those backed by years of rigorous research, the possibility of legalization would likely not even be entertained by most government officials. However, thanks to the dedicated work of scientists in the industry, cannabis legalization is currently one of the hottest political topics of our time. Events like this really put everything into perspective and serve as a reminder that despite all the seemingly crazy things happening in the retail sector, cannabis is and always will be a healing plant that should be studied, respected, and utilized to its full potential.

Closing thoughts from David Dawson, Ph.D. Senior Scientist Via Innovations: “The Emerald Conference’s high standards for peer-reviewed work and desire for open collaboration amongst participants sets it apart from the vast majority of cannabis conferences.”  I couldn’t agree more, and hope to see some of you there next year!

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Disclaimer: Hi, I’m a researcher and writer. I’m not a doctor, lawyer, or businessperson. All information in my articles is sourced and referenced, and all opinions stated are mine. I am not giving anyone advice, and though I am more than happy to discuss topics, should someone have a further question or concern, they should seek guidance from a relevant professional.

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