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Can CBD Products Save You From Greasy Hair?

May 10, 2019

Greasy hair is not the worst problem in the world, but it’s still one that most of us would prefer to avoid. It can be incredibly frustrating, since the solution most people try — washing their hair more — can actually make it worse (more on that later). But while there’s no “one weird trick” for getting rid of greasy hair, CBD has shown a remarkable ability to deliver results.

That’s because CBD can regulate the sebaceous glands’ production of sebum, an oil that helps moisturize the scalp. When these glands produce too much, the excess oil gives the hair a slick, greasy appearance. Too little, and the scalp becomes dry and itchy, often leading to dandruff.

In both cases, most people’s first inclination is to grab a bottle of shampoo and jump in the shower. This can be counter-productive, though, especially if you’re using the wrong product. While some can irritate the sensitive skin of the scalp (making it even drier and itchier), others strip it of sebum, which spurs the sebaceous glands to produce even more oil, leading to a vicious cycle of greasiness.

This is where CBD can help.

CBD helps maintain a healthy balance of sebum production by working with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a network of receptors in the brain and nervous system. When these receptors are triggered by CBD, they either increase or decrease the activity of the sebaceous glands, depending on what’s needed. As a result, CBD is able to treat greasy hair without the use of harsh chemicals or the risk of negative reactions.

Ways CBD May Help With Greasy Hair

Although CBD has become a major presence in the beauty world, there are still few scientific studies that directly examine its potential applications for the hair and skin. Most of the current speculation that it could be great for your hair is based on principle, rather than practice — in other words, there have been no clinical studies that prove its effectiveness for treating greasy hair.

At the same time, the wealth of anecdotal evidence (and the lack of potential side effects) have led many people to try CBD as a solution for oily roots and more. Here are two of the most typical methods:

CBD Shampoos and Conditioners

CBD shampoos and conditioners are exactly the same as the products you’re used to, with one major difference: they contain CBD, along with its rich content of fatty acids and essential oils. These are useful for more than just the regulation of sebum — they also help strengthen hair follicles, and they could even help your hair grow by stimulating the circulation of blood throughout the scalp.

While it’s generally not a good idea to wash your hair every day, CBD shampoos and conditioners are gentle enough to use daily without irritating the scalp or causing other unwanted effects.

CBD Hair Oil Treatments

CBD hair oil treatments come with many of the same benefits as shampoos and conditioners — but in a more powerful package. Often, the treatment itself consists of applying hot oil directly to the hair, wrapping it in a towel, and waiting for 30 minutes or more. While these are often performed in a salon, there are also do-it-yourself kits available for home use. This can be an attractive option for people with severely oily hair, as the oil can be left in overnight for added effect (though it’s recommended to put on a shower cap before bed to avoid leaving residue all over your pillow).

For serious DIYers, it’s also possible to make a similar treatment from scratch. For the best results, it’s recommended to use a high quality full spectrum CBD oil along with a “carrier” such as coconut or castor oil.

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