Can CBD help you achieve your fitness goals?

January 06, 2021

If you’re planning to start 2021 on a bit of health kick, you’re not alone. Exercising more is the most common New Year’s resolution (49% of) British adults make. With January here (we’re not sure how that happened either), what better time to catch up with the founders of the newest CBD brand to launch with your wellbeing and fitness in mind.

Mark Jones and Sarah Salisbury, the duo behind The Essence Of Wellbeing, turned to CBD to help with their own injuries and anxieties. After finding it not only eased their aches and pains but made their workouts more effective, they launched their range of CBD oils, protein powder and soothing balms, following a short delay because of Covid-19. Founder Sarah shares their story…

The Essence of Wellbeing

Why did you decide to launch The Essence of Wellbeing?

Sarah said: “We decided to set up our business offering CBD, hemp and natural products as we are firm believers that what you put into your body, you get out.

“People who know me know that I’m massively into my fitness, health and wellbeing. Most people probably don’t know that I also suffer from a bowel and digestive disorder, which is very rare for someone of my age. I try to stay healthy and eat natural foods to reduce my pain. I’m a huge fan of CBD teas and coffees hence branching into this market.

“Like many others, I also suffer from anxiety and all the things that come with it, like restless sleep. Taking and using CBD regularly seems to make things OK.

“Due to working in construction for many years, Mark suffers from joint and back pain. He also has a few old training injuries. While doctors could only issue painkillers, which don’t really help, he’s found daily doses of our CBD oils have massively reduced his aches. ⠀

“Lots of our family members are also now using CBD to help with their own ailments, which vary from arthritis to terminal illness.”

How did you first discover CBD?

“Mark had been reading up on CBD for quite some time – it’s always been an interest of his. When he broke his ankle, he decided he’d like to take the plunge and set up a company. We then attended the Hemp and CBD Expo in Birmingham and the rest is history.”

Why did you decide to incorporate it into your range?

“We truly believe that CBD and hemp are the way forward when it comes to wellbeing. We decided to focus on the sports and fitness area of this as we are avid gym-goers  and believe that incorporating CBD into your daily fitness routine will only help you blossom and grow, both physically and mentally.”

Do you think the CBD market needs to be better regulated?

“Yes, due to the array of products and companies that pop up and are selling things that are not fully tested and certified. We believe that every product should be tested fully and safe for human consumption.

“All our products are 100% legal and regulated by the FSA. We use only the best form of cannabinoid and hemp we can, which is fully traceable to where it was grown. Our product development team are second to none and all of our products go through thorough UK lab testing to ensure what we are selling is exactly what we say it is.”

Has the coronavirus pandemic had an impact on the launch of TEOW?

“We decided to set up TEOW in January 2020. However, the pandemic struck in March and this affected the launch of TEOW as our web designers were then working from home and, like everyone, struggled with motivation, so everything took a lot longer than anticipated. The same happened with our products, delays in packaging, lab testing – everything just took twice as long. We are now more than happy with everything that’s been done though. That extra time allowed us to work closely with our product team to come up with ideas and new products, which we are over the moon with.”

How can CBD benefit athletes and our exercise routines?

“One of our favourite health-boosting habits is regular physical exercise, particularly when combined with CBD. CBD for fitness, used either before or after a workout, is rapidly proving to be a winning formula to help alleviate inflammation or soreness to the muscles that can often occur with training. CBD is also finding a natural home within the bodybuilding community, as it may support the creation of muscle mass.”

Why do you think CBD helps workouts?

“The consensus is that CBD improves concentration, focus and stamina – all key components of an effective workout. It is now an accepted part of many professional athletes’ training regimes, reducing pre-competition nerves, maximising competition day focus and easing the post-competition recovery process by reducing inflammation.

“Whether you’re an athlete in training, a gym rat or just not as young as you used to be, thanks to CBD, muscle recovery doesn’t have to be quite as long or painful any more. It is the ability to reduce inflammation that may make CBD oil a useful recovery supplement. Rigorous workouts and competitions during which you go all out cause tiny tears in muscle tissue, which in turn trigger inflammation. The body then goes to work repairing the damaged tissue, building it up to be stronger muscle tissue.

“The inflammation and muscle damage in these instances is no longer useful and can even reduce fitness gains and cause injuries. For recovery from difficult workouts, the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil may be helpful in healing the damage.” 

Do you have plans to expand your range further?

“We already have some exciting products in the pipeline for this coming year. We want to add more bespoke CBD, CBG and hemp products to our range, especially in the health and fitness area.”

The Essence of Wellbeing protein powder

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