Can Cannabis Tampons Deliver Effective Menstrual Pain Relief?

June 12, 2019

Thousands of women suffer from debilitating menstrual pain that painkillers just can’t cure. It’s time we found a natural solution for our period problems, without the nasty side-effects. Could cannabis hold the key to menstrual pain relief?

For all women, monthly menstruation isn’t something we look forward to. This dreaded ‘time of the month’ creates hormonal, mental and physical changes in our bodies. But for some women, periods aren’t simply a source of general discomfort. They can cause agonizing pain, leaving women unable to move and function normally. Unfortunately, we often feel dismissed when it comes to being open about the true degree of pain we can suffer during the menstruation period.

Most of the time, readily available pharmaceuticals like ibuprofen and paracetamol just don’t cut it when it comes to pain relief. Some women also turn to hormonal birth control or opioid-based medicines in an effort to seek greater comfort. However these drugs can come with unwelcome side effects.

CBD – a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant – is known for delivering pain relief as well as having benefits for women’s health. It even has the potential to ease symptoms of menopause. Now, CBD is having its spotlight moment as a promising aid for period pains. But how exactly does this work? Well, one company has developed cannabis ‘tampons’ for plant-based period pain relief.

What are CBD Tampons?

cbd tampons
Photo courtesy of FORIA Wellness’ Facebook

Technically, CBD tampons are not ‘tampons’ per se. They won’t soak up your menstrual blood like a regular sanitary product. Instead, they’re actually suppositories which melt with the heat of our bodies to deliver CBD via the vagina.

FORIA Wellness is the company pioneering CBD suppositories. Their innovative range of CBD products for women’s health are expanding the ways that it’s possible to use cannabinoids. Their CBD suppository contains 100mg of CBD from 100% organic full spectrum hemp oil. It’s loaded up in an organic cocoa butter base.

Can CBD Benefit Period Pain?

At the moment, the benefits of using CBD suppositories for period pain is mostly anecdotal. However, this is changing as we speak.

FORIA and Dr. Stacey Gruber (PhD) of Harvard Medical School are currently studying the impact of the CBD suppository on menstrual pain and discomfort. According to FORIA, the study aims to “raise awareness regarding the use of cannabinoid-based therapies for menstrual pain and the potential for innovation in treating this condition”.

Aside from this ongoing study, we know that CBD is effective at relieving some of the symptoms associated with period pain. Research has shown that CBD is a promising treatment for inflammation, pain, insomnia and hormonal imbalances. This in itself could be why so many women already choose cannabis as a form of menstrual pain relief.

Final Thoughts

The anecdotal evidence stacks high for CBD and cannabis as a treatment for menstrual pain. And hopefully soon, thanks to ongoing studies, there will also be scientific evidence that backs these claims.

CBD comes with minimal side effects and thanks to its anti-inflammatory, pain relieving qualities, it could be a promising cure for menstrual pain. But for now, it’s up to you to weigh up the evidence and choose your preferred method of period pain relief.

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