Big Apple, Meet the First Annual Mary Fest

August 04, 2022


Big Apple, Meet the First Annual Mary Fest by Rachelle Gordon

The team behind popular cannabis culture magazine Mary have announced the inaugural Mary Fest, taking place April 20 – 22, 2023 in New York City.

An experiential celebration of all the things this dynamic plant has to offer, the event seeks to connect consumers and canna-curious alike with brands they’re certain to love.

Featuring activations from the worlds of fashion, health & wellness, music, sex, tech, design—and of course cannabis and hemp — Mary Fest promises to offer something for everyone.

The multi-day affair will also have informative panels, parties, and plenty of consumption. Organizers hope to educate, remove stigmas, and help the East Coast cannabis community come together.

Adrian Farquharson, CEO of Mary Fest, told Cannabis & Tech Today that the event is seven years in the making with legalization finally allowing the vision to come to fruition.

“Since our launch in 2015, NYC has lacked a visually attractive, creatively fun, business and consumer-facing cannabis lifestyle event,” he said. “Due to state laws, specific experiences were not allowed—the time has finally come with New York legalizing adult-use consumption in the spring of 2021 for us to produce an epic event.”

Guests will be able to interact with brands in a way that’s never been possible, with plenty of samples to go around. Up-and-coming cannabis companies will be alongside legacy operators, showcasing the incredible span of flower and finished goods the East Coast has to offer.

“New York is projecting over $2 billion in sales over the next few years, and we’re optimistic that Mary Fest will be that destination for brands to introduce new products and come to the forefront of this market,” Farquharson noted.

Opportunities for Learning

In addition to over 100 unique brands, Mary Fest will have engaging and educational workshops led by some of the industry’s top names. Covering a variety of topics, the sessions are meant to help participants strengthen their knowledge in a relaxed and fun setting.

Get Lit at MARY FEST

Guests will also be treated to the Garden of Mary, an eclectic and gorgeous outdoor space filled with even more brands, experiential activations, and a dedicated chill zone perfect for a smoke or dab. Plenty of food trucks will be on-site to feed guests, serving up delicious local fares and tasty treats.

Find Love

Flying solo to Mary Fest but looking for a like-minded companion? The event will play host to Heightened Connections, a speed-dating and rapid networking experience meant to foster meaningful interactions whether they be romantic or professional.

A canna-friendly social hour will play host to a barrage of rapid fire meetings. As long as both parties share a passion for the plant, there will definitely be something to talk about.

Blockchain will also be on the menu, with an official Mary Fest non-fungible token (NFT) set to airdrop to all attendees with digital wallets. 

How to Find Tickets

Mary Fest tickets are limited, with the first day reserved for press, brands, retailers, and VIPs while days two and three are open to all. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Minority Cannabis Business Association, a trade organization supporting people of color in the industry.

Farquharson and his team are looking forward to kicking off the region’s adult-use market in style, and are excited for the community to unite after decades in the shadows.

“Mary Fest is the definitive event for everyone who is involved in cannabis culture to come together and celebrate the end of prohibition in New York.”

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