Best Grinders For Your Hemp Flowers

May 11, 2018

Hemp Flowers are gaining popularity all over the world. Every head shop has its garden variety of grinders, but do they all have the “quality” grinder you desire? What’s more important, a premium quality grinder for your CBD bud? Or, a more affordable value grinder that will get you by, for now.

If you’re a quality type of hemp flowers consumer, you should start with looking for recognizable brands. Good grinders tend to have good reputations and high star reviews. In general, the best way to find a quality grinder is to ask around.

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A few well-known cannabis grinder brands are:

  • SharpStone (Recommended: Low cost & great quality)
  • Santa Cruz Shredder
  • Space Case
  • The all-in-one OTTO (at the bottom of this page)
Sapce sauce hemp flower (empire wellness)

Is your budget a little tighter?

Good news is that most grinders will do the basic job you need it to do. Most smoke shops will have cheap plastic two-piece grinders that grind just fine. However, if you’re looking to use your hemp flowers to its maximum potential, you’re going to need a grinder with more advanced features. Bottom line, don’t pick a super low-quality grinder that’s known to break off cheap aluminum fragments. Read the reviews and ask what the worst possible thing about this grinder is.

Hemp flowers grinders, come in all shapes, sizes, and number of parts. Your next decision is, how many “parts” do you want? Grinders range from one part (credit card sized grinders) to five parts.

If you are in the market for cannabis grinders, a typical four piece grinder is the recommended basic, for the average daily consumer. With the fourth piece addition, you now have access to the kief compartment. As you should know, kief is the tiny THC, resin crystals, that falls off your bud when grinding. Having a four piece grinder gives you the secret bottom container that separates and stores your kief. When it comes time to use your kief, all you have to do is unscrew the bottom and you have your kief neatly stored and ready to smoke. Since hemp flowers act the same like the cannabis ones, then four piece grinders should be a great solution for you, if you want to get access to the ‘CBD kief’, whatever it name is.

Green light hemp flower

Other cannabis grinders to consider include; wood, acrylic, metal and electric

Wood grinders are interesting because of the old fashion “antique” feeling they provide. Acrylics grinders are fine and misunderstood a bit, and are safe. Be careful when purchasing metal grinders.

The problem with metal grinders are reports of metal shavings showing up in freshly ground hemp flowers. Thus raising SEVERAL red flags. Metal grinders are either aluminum or titanium. Some metal grinders will claim to be titanium but only have the top layer coated with titanium. Thus making it essentially useless.

Electric grinders are great because they tend to be a bit more clean. An article featuring the Top 10 Weed Grinders gives you the pros and cons of popular electric grinders. When it comes to choosing the best grinder, you’ve ultimately have to decide what the best grinder will be for you. Being honest about “What type of smoker you are” will help you decide what type of performance you need from your grinder.

And no review of hemp grinders will be complete without the new gadget, the OTTO

banana bros. OTTO Grinder

The OTTO by banana bros. (vapornation)

The OTTO by banana bros. is the first ever all-in-one smart electric grinder and rolling machine, capable of finely grinding your CBD flowers and rolling the perfect joint in mere seconds. If you want a hand-free grinder that takes a high-CBD hemp flower and turn in into ready-to-use cigarettes, that’s the product for you.

Buy the OTTO grinder 

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